Spotify users are canceling their accounts as prices rise


Spotify users are canceling their accounts as prices rise


With over 500 million users, Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most popular music streaming apps around the world. But users are furious, following news that Spotify is raising its prices in both the UK and US. Its Premium, Duo, and Family plans all increased by $1/month, meaning some users are now paying $16.99/month for their subscriptions. While Spotify claims the price hike will allow it to ‘continue to innovate’, many users have slammed the change as ‘greedy’.

Spotify has announced price increases for its premium plans in various markets, aiming to continue providing value to fans and artists. The US family saw the plan change now costing $17 a month. Student subscription rates were unchanged. Spotify will notify customers of the changes via email.

Many users took to Twitter, with many calling Spotify ‘greedy’. ‘Does Spotify Price Increase Mean They’re Going To Pay Artists More? Doubt it. Like greedy executives wanting more money in their pockets,’ one user wrote. Another added: ‘Spotify is just making pure greedy single account prices $11.’ Meanwhile, others revealed they were canceling their accounts after the price hike. ‘After 14 years, I don’t love you enough to pay an extra $2/month #ByeFelicia,’ one user tweeted.

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