Mike Cannon-Brookes and wife Annie were involved in a serious car accident just months before the billionaire’s marriage broke up.

Mike Cannon-Brookes and wife Annie were involved in a serious car accident just months before the billionaire's marriage broke up.

Mike Cannon-Brookes – seen earlier behind the wheel of his Tesla – is said to have been involved in a serious injury.

Mike Cannon-Brookes and his wife were involved in a horrific car crash months before their divorce – with the billionaire hospitalized due to his injuries, it has been revealed.

The Atlassian co-founder and his fashion designer wife Annie were involved in a collision in the NSW Southern Highlands earlier this year. The couple owns several properties in the area.

Mr Cannon-Brookes ended up in hospital after the accident, sources told The Australian Financial Review.

Both he and Mrs Cannon-Brookes made full recoveries. Although details are scarce, the car accident was not related to their recent split, which was announced last Friday evening.

Representatives for Mr Cannon-Brookes have been contacted for comment.

The Atlassian co-founder and his wife Annie Todd, who have now revealed they have separated, were in the NSW Southern Highlands earlier this year when they were involved in a collision.

Mike and Annie Cannon-Brookes are seen on their wedding day

Mr Cannon Brooks also owns $100m of property and land in the Southern Highlands, 120km south of Sydney, including Rosehill Farm (pictured).

Mr. Cannon-Brooks and his wife own more than $100 million in real estate in the Southern Highlands.

Their property portfolio includes the $9.1 million Mittagong home and nearby Greylady’s Farm which they bought for $13 million.

In 2016, he and his wife first bought Joadza Creek Farm in the Highlands for $3.3 million.

It is estimated that the total distance covered by their properties in rural areas is 1005 hectares.

Mr Cannon-Brookes’ fairytale romance with the fashion designer began when they met in the Qantas lounge at Sydney Airport. Ms Todd mistook him for someone else, but a chance meeting led to the future tech tycoon marrying her in 2010.

Leaked tweets show Mr Cannon-Brookes was bursting with excitement about his new love in the early days of their relationship.

After their engagement in 2009, Mr Cannon-Brookes tweeted: ‘Been busy this week! The gorgeous Miss Annie said yes!’

The Atlassian co-founder once shared a loved-up tweet about his wife

Another tweet the same month said he was looking forward to dinner with Ms. Todd after a hard day at the office.

‘Tough day at work and it’s only Monday. People are not easy. Annie’s birthday dinner will cheer me up. Is it for family rights?’ He wrote.

In February, 2010, after their honeymoon, the businessman shared another loveable post.

‘Wonderful Mrs. Annie marries CB and returns to work after six-week honeymoon. Oops!’ she said.

A few months later he shared his hopes for their future together.

‘Great read for those who love to travel and have children. I hope Annie and I are a great traveling family in the future!’ he tweeted.

The couple’s split, announced last week, raises questions about how they will split their estimated $19 billion fortune, in addition to a $300 million property empire.

The billionaire Atlassian co-founder met his wife by chance at the Qantas lounge at Sydney Airport.

The couple own properties in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and on the Northern Beaches.

The most extravagant of their purchases was the couple’s 1.1-hectare Fairwater home at Point Piper on Sydney Harbour, home to the late Lady Mary Fairfax.

They snapped it up in 2018 despite an intimidating $100 million price tag, making it Australia’s most expensive home at the time.

In June, Mr Cannon-Brookes and his wife raised $14.25 million to buy a house in Newport on Sydney’s northern beaches, next to a $24.5 million estate they are buying in 2020.

The five-bedroom house is set on 3,000 square meters of land and has a 1,000 square meter screened bath.

Mrs Todd told a reporter in 2016 that she and her husband were ‘lucky’ to share the same goals.

The home, acquired in 2020 for $2.35 million, was located three doors down from another of their properties.

The couple spent $2.55 million on a fisherman’s cottage at Great Mackerel Beach on the northern beaches, which is only accessible by boat.

Mrs Todd told a reporter in 2016 that she and her husband were ‘lucky’ to share the same goals.

‘One of our biggest things is to give our kids as normal an existence as possible,’ she said.

On their tenth anniversary, she shared a photo from their wedding day and thanked her husband for being her ‘partner in crime forever’.

The reasons behind the split are unclear.

‘They are both now focusing on their children as their number one priority,’ said a representative of the family. ‘They ask that their privacy be respected.’


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