Florida Police Chase K9 Attacks Officer and Suspect Nearly Flattened by 18-Wheel Truck


A chaotic police chase saw a K9 mistakenly attack an officer and an 18-wheeler truck nearly flatten before arresting the suspect.

Florida Highway Patrol officials say 23-year-old Isaiah Jamal Colley was traveling more than 130 mph on Interstate 10 in Escambia County on April 18.

In the ensuing police chase, video shows Collie crashing his white Infiniti sedan into an SUV that was blocking traffic on a nearby road — prompting the suspect to run onto the interstate, where he was nearly hit by a semi-truck while avoiding an oncoming patrol car.

Shortly thereafter, the police arrested Collie and handcuffed him behind his back. A subsequent search of his car turned up two guns and 6.6 ounces of marijuana, police said.

Isaiah Jamal Collie, 23, was arrested in Escambia County, Florida in April after leading Florida Highway Patrol officers on a high-speed chase.

Dramatic video of the chase posted online shows a white Infiniti sedan traveling on the right shoulder of an Interstate 10 speeding truck that is parked in the lane.

After finally crashing his car, Collie tried to run as patrol cars continued to chase him

Dramatic video of the police chase posted online showed a white Infiniti traveling on the right shoulder of Interstate 10, speeding past trucks in the lane.

As the patrol car approached the vehicle, the driver pulled into the grass median, causing the highway patrol officer to pass the vehicle.

Collie was charged with hit and run, fleeing/eluding police, possession of marijuana, resisting an officer and moving traffic violations.

When the officer attempted to make a U-turn to get back to him, the suspect continued driving.

Soon, other police vehicles were seen trying to catch the speeding car – which managed to put distance between it and the patrol cars.

Eventually, Collie is seen taking an off-ramp onto Nine Mile Road, where he turns left at a red light.

In an apparent attempt to avoid traffic at another light, the driver swerves off the road again — but this time, he loses control of the vehicle and an SUV stops at the T-bone light.

Patrol officers said in a report obtained by WKRG that the vehicle’s passenger was injured and later taken to a hospital.

The front bumper of Koli’s car was also damaged, as parts of the car were seen scattered on the side of the road.

At that point, a man in a hoodie – later identified as Collie – got out of the car and started running up a hill as his battered car continued to push forward.

His car suffered extensive front bumper damage after an SUV stopped at a light on Nine Mile Road.

After turning left at a red light on Nine Mile Road and attempting a traffic stop at a light, Collie crashed his car into a guard rail.

Colley is seen in the footage running up a hill as he escapes from the car

An officer tried to follow him, but was instead attacked by a German Shepherd from the Highway Patrol

An officer attempted to follow the suspect, but was instead attacked by one of the Highway Patrol’s German Shepherds.

Another patrol car followed Collie up a hill and through a grassy patch until he reached I-10 again and attempted to run across the highway.

The suspect is seen falling to the ground as the patrol car catches up to him, and he lands in a grassy median – just before a semi-truck comes barreling along the interstate.

Koli continues to run along the highway, but this time, the cops catch him and tackle him.

Colley continued to chase him with a patrol car following him as he approached the interstate again

As the patrol car approaches, Collie is seen falling to the ground as a semi-truck approaches

The 23-year-old swerved back into the median before nearly hitting the truck

As he ran across the highway, the police caught him and arrested him

Officers pulled Collie to his feet and handcuffed him behind his back, before taking him to the back of a patrol car where he began complaining that his arm was injured.

‘My arm, my arm, man,’ Collie says to the officer escorting him to the car. ‘I feel like I’m dying, please help me.’

Collie was charged with hit and run, fleeing/eluding police, possession of marijuana, resisting an officer and moving traffic violations.

Highway Patrol officers wrote in his arrest report, ‘The driver of the Infiniti was operating the vehicle willfully and in disregard of the safety of the motoring public.


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