Biden’s German Shepherd Bites Seven People in Four Months and Sends a Secret Service Agent to the Hospital, Gruesome Email Reveals

Biden's German Shepherd Bites Seven People in Four Months and Sends a Secret Service Agent to the Hospital, Gruesome Email Reveals

President Biden’s beloved German Shepherd Commander bit and threatened multiple staffers and sent at least one Secret Service agent to the hospital, according to damning new emails.

The White House is now giving Biden’s little dog extra training after it was involved in 10 White House and Delaware attacks last year.

Emails obtained by Judicial Watch show Secret Service agents discussing the incidents — the commander has bitten seven people in the past four months.

One agent was sent to a local hospital after the 22-month-old Commander bit them on the arm and leg, and one was attacked when Biden let him off his coat.

The agent had to use a steel shield to defend against other attacks.

Officials called the dog a ‘crazy lunatic’, argued he would have been ‘put down’ if he didn’t belong to Biden and said he needed a face.

On November 10, 2022, Jill Biden was unable to ‘regain control’ of the commander as the dog charged at another member of the Secret Service.

President Biden’s German shepherd commander bit multiple staffers and sent at least one Secret Service agent to the hospital, according to damning new emails

In the same month, a German shepherd bit an agent’s arm, prompting him to seek medical attention.

Other scary incidents detailed in the emails were when the commander was roaming the White House grounds with his paws off.

The Bidens welcomed Commander into the executive residence as a puppy in December 2021.

The German Shepherd’s behavior problems and exposure to aggression aren’t the first time White House pets have caused safety concerns.

Major, who also beat staff and Secret Service agents, was moved from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2021 and re-homed with ‘family friends’.

According to an email sent on November 3, 2022, a Secret Service agent wrote to colleagues: ‘The commander’s bite [sic] UD [Uniform Division] officer [redacted] in the post [redacted] The officer was bitten twice, once on the upper right arm and the second time on the thigh. WH [White House] He decided to treat the officer and give treatment [redacted] is transported [redacted] Hospital’.

Later that day, a captain in the uniform division said the commander was up to date on all his vaccines.

Another email the next day detailed what happened: ‘Officer [redacted] suggested that the ‘Commander’ proceeded down the stairs [redacted].

‘Officer [redacted] advice [redacted] was sitting with [redacted] Cross the arms and bite the commander [sic] [redacted] arm (tricep area) then when [redacted] The commander stood up [sic] feet (quadratic area).

‘Officer [redacted] Usher was telling the officer not to control the dog [redacted] To not back up

‘Officer [redacted] suggested that the commander come later [redacted] and again [redacted] A steel cart had to be used for shielding [sic] [redacted] Protect yourself from other attacks. officer [redacted] advice [redacted] There was enough pain.’

The agent was then placed on restricted duty for three days on medical advice.

The White House is now training Biden’s little dog extra after being involved in 10 White House and Delaware attacks in recent months.

The uniformed division officer then emailed the assault victim on November 5, 2022, asking how he was doing and calling the commander an ‘idiot’.

‘Okay [redacted]? It’s crazy that stupid dog – my eyes are rolling [redacted].’

Victim replies: ‘My legs and arms still hurt. He bit me twice and ran at me twice.’

In October 2022, a uniformed division officer wrote to colleagues: ‘The commander is exhibiting extremely aggressive behaviour.

‘Today, while posting, he came to charge me. The First Lady was unable to regain control of the Commander [sic] And he kept circling me. I believe it is only a matter of time before an agent/officer is assaulted or beaten.’

He would have bitten me today if I hadn’t stepped on him a few times. It was bad enough that the detail agent asked if I got the bit – just so you’re aware.

The colleague said: ‘What a joke [redacted] – if it wasn’t their dog he would have been put down already – crazy clown needs an introduction – hope you feel better [redacted].’

Then on December 11, 2022, a Secret Service special agent in the Presidential Protective Division was attacked after Biden apparently let the dog loose.

‘Injuries included a bite wound and cut of approximately 1 ½ cm on the left hand and a bite on the right thumb of 1 cm. I received treatment from LTC to White House Medical [redacted]. was injured [redacted] And I’m back at work for the rest of my shift.’

The first couple welcomed Commander to the White House as a puppy in December 2021

Secret Service chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi told ‘For the past several presidential administrations, the Secret Service has navigated how best to operate around family pets, and these incidents are no exception.

‘We take the safety and well-being of our employees very seriously. Agency employees are encouraged to report any job-related injuries to their immediate supervisors for appropriate documentation. As such, we are aware of past incidents involving first-family pets. These incidents were treated in the same way as comparable workplace injuries, including following relevant notification and reporting procedures.’

‘While special agents and officers do not care for or handle first-family pets, we work tirelessly with all applicable agencies to minimize adverse effects on the environment that includes pets.’

Elizabeth Alexander, the First Lady’s communications director, told CNN: ‘The White House complex is a unique and often stressful environment for family pets, and the First Family is working through ways to make this situation better for everyone.

‘They are partnering with Secret Service and Executive Residence staff on additional leashing protocols and training, as well as establishing designated areas for commanders to run and exercise,’ he added.

‘According to the Secret Service, each incident referred to was treated like a comparable workplace injury, with relevant notification and reporting procedures followed.

‘The President and First Lady are incredibly grateful to the Secret Service and Executive Residence staff for all they do to keep them, their families and the country safe.’


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