Grandpa celebrates 56th birthday with granddaughter at Barbie premiere in Brazil wearing matching pink princess dress and crown

Grandpa celebrates 56th birthday with granddaughter at Barbie premiere in Brazil wearing matching pink princess dress and crown

This is the smiling moment a grandfather celebrated his 56th birthday with his granddaughter at the Barbie premiere in Brazil.

To the delight of movie fans, the pair were spotted wearing matching pink princess dresses and crowns as they entered a cinema in the northeastern town of Karuaru to watch the much-anticipated Greta Gerwig film on Thursday.

According to local outlets, Lindinaldo wanted to mark the occasion with his granddaughter Layla in a ‘different’ way.

Upon arrival, the family immediately became the focus of the premiere, flocking to record videos and pose with them for photos.

Layla (left) poses with her grandfather Lindinaldo (right) at the Barbie movie premiere in Brazil on Thursday. Lindinaldo chose to celebrate his 56th birthday at the event with his granddaughter

Layla and her grandfather Lindinaldo wore pink dresses to the premiere of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie in Caruaru, Brazil on Thursday

On her Instagram Stories, the young lady shared a hilarious video clip of Lindinaldo smiling as she applied the finishing touches to her gown.

A selfie on her account shows her and her grandfather standing side by side with the caption, ‘Today is her birthday.’

Another snap shows the happy family wearing crowns and making heart gestures with their hands.

The family trip received rave reviews from Laila’s followers on the social media app.

‘It’s these silly but simple things many call funny that bring this lightness, make you laugh, amuse you,’ one user wrote.

‘Happy people and not afraid to be happy is something else, beautiful,’ exclaimed another follower.

Margot Robbie in a scene from Barbie, the movie, which debuts in theaters on Thursday

Lindinaldo and her granddaughter drew eyes as they dressed up for Barbie’s premiere in northeastern Brazil on Thursday

Layla (left) and her grandfather Lindinaldo (right) pose with Barbie moviegoers at a theater in Brazil

The film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, comes 64 years after Mattel introduced the 11.5-inch-tall, 8-ounce doll to the public.

The movie is expected to gross at least $100 million in US theaters this weekend, opposite Christopher Nolan’s thriller, Oppenheimer.

‘I really like the hype of Barbiheimer. Instead of pitting the two against each other, they’re all coming together and embracing it – both casts too,’ says 18-year-old Emily, a Londoner. ‘Hope to catch Oppenheimer on Sunday.’

Carol Olszewski, 23, wore pink trousers and a pink and white mean-girl top as she attended her first show in London.

‘I’m so excited, the Barbie film has been my whole personality for the past few months,’ she told MailOnline. ‘It’s a cultural experience, the theaters are packed. I think Barbie plays up to the male gaze narrative so I wanted to wear a lot of pink.’

Ginger Getz, along with her husband Rep. Matt Getz, attended a barbie party and screening at the British Embassy on Monday night. But he was not impressed with the movie

However, not all viewers were thrilled with the film.

Recent reviews have also slated the much-anticipated movie, with one writer calling it a ridiculously cynical $145 million ad for Mattel.

The wife of Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gazette also slammed the film on Twitter for what she felt was a lack of ‘female empowerment’ after attending a screening at the British Embassy in Washington, DC.

Ginger Getz wrote, ‘The Barbie I grew up with was a representation of limitless possibilities, embracing diverse careers and female empowerment. ‘The 2023 Barbie movie, unfortunately, disregards any concept of faith or family and attempts to normalize the idea that men and women cannot (are) positively cooperating.’

The film’s debut in Pakistan’s Punjab province was delayed on Friday due to what officials deemed ‘objectionable content’.

Films in Pakistan are required to be cleared by provincial boards that censor anything deemed to violate the country’s social and cultural values.

Punjab Film Censor Board Secretary Farooq Mahmood said, ‘The film will be thoroughly reviewed and censored wherever deemed necessary.’

The board did not specify what content was ‘offensive’, or why.


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