Dad’s bluey cake failure sends parents into hysterics: ‘God, what have I done?’

Dad's bluey cake failure sends parents into hysterics: 'God, what have I done?'

Dad’s bluey cake failure sends parents into hysterics: ‘God, what have I done?’

Dad tries to make a blueie can for son’s birthday, says it was the ‘hardest thing’ he’s ever done

A dad has left the internet in stitches after sharing his hilarious attempt to bake a bluey birthday cake for his son.

Despite his creative skills, Londoner Rob Davies admits making the cake was the ‘hardest thing’ he’s ever done.

Even though the cake resembled the popular cartoon character, he almost gave up and almost put his eye out when the fondant part broke the eye.

‘God help us all, what have I done?’ He wrote on Twitter and shared several pictures.

A dad who baked his son a bluey birthday cake admitted it was one of the ‘hardest things’ he’s ever done. Rob Davies, from London, was not happy with the eyes so he redid it

Sharing a series of pictures on Twitter, Rob said he almost bawled his eyes out when it didn’t go right (Image: End result)

‘I’m halfway through making a bluey cake for my son’s birthday party and I think it might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done,’ she continued.

‘I almost cried at one point when the fan ripped off.’

The British journalist found it difficult to decorate and was not happy with how one eye looked so he decided to redo it.

‘I’m pretty good at baking but I’m terrible at crafts,’ she says.

‘Eyes follow you around the room. But only because they’re slipping off. I think I can redo the right eye, which is meant to peek out from behind the snout.

‘I’m like Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon, forever hoping that one more operation will fix everything.

‘Okay I’m going to do it.’

Rob then shared a photo of the end result, which he was pleased with.

‘End result: 14 six-year-olds who would be a nightmare to sleep in,’ she added, sharing two more photos of the smashed cake.

‘Jesus is horrible to love.’

Bluey is a blue heeler dog from the children’s cartoon (Image: cake after cutting)

‘End result: 14 six-year-olds who would be nightmares to sleep in,’ writes Rob

Other parents praised Rob’s efforts and called the effort both ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome’.

‘Honestly, it’s not the worst effort I’ve ever seen! Cake decorating is hard,’ wrote one.

‘I think it’s fab! Knew it was Bluey live,’ said another.

A third added: ‘I thought the cake was Sonic.’


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