Where can Victoria now host the 2026 Commonwealth Games?

Where can Victoria now host the 2026 Commonwealth Games?

Where can Victoria now host the 2026 Commonwealth Games?

Victoria has pulled out of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, leaving the event’s future up in the air Daily Mail Australia looks at other potential contenders

The Commonwealth Games are in disarray after Victoria pulled the plug on hosting duties on Tuesday.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews cited cost issues after confirming his state would no longer be able to host the competition in 2026, putting a spin on the premiers.

The future of the Commonwealth Games is in question, with less than three years to go.

So, with the event now up in the air, here’s what we know about where the Commonwealth Games could land in 2026, and it doesn’t make for good reading for Aussie fans hoping to see the action in their home country.

The future of the Commonwealth Games is up in the air after Victoria pulled out

Will another Australian state take over hosting duties?

New South Wales

Given the fact that Sydney hosted the Olympic Games in 2000, many commentators have suggested that New South Wales may have the advantage of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Sport NSW chair, Chris Hall, has expressed his desire for Sydney to step up to the plate.

“It’s a great opportunity,” Hall said.

‘We’ve got the facilities and the venue.’

However, Premier Chris Minnes poured cold water on the prospect of NSW hosting, insisting the state’s budget pressures were too great to take on the Games.

‘We are not bidding for the Commonwealth Games and we are not taking them,’ he said.

New South Wales Premier Chris Minns said his state was not making moves to host


Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has also ruled out resigning her state, insisting her government’s focus is on the 2032 Olympics instead.

‘I’ve had people say to me: ‘Can we run the Commonwealth Games?’ The Gold Coast Bulletin said Palaszczuk.

‘Well, no we can’t because we’re focusing on the Olympics and we have to put extra money into issues like social housing.’

The Gold Coast hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games but the city’s acting mayor said it was not feasible for the city to host again.

Queensland says its focus is on hosting the 2032 Olympics

Western Australia

Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas suggested Western Australia host the Games, but state Premier Roger Cook quickly quashed those calls.

“Our analysis was consistent with the Victorian Government’s analysis that it would cost a significant amount of money and provide very little return on that investment,” Cook said.

He added that the state needs sustained investment in events rather than a two-week ‘sugar hit’ from the Commonwealth Games.

Perth Mayor Basil Zempilas wants his state to host but Western Australia does not support him

South Australia and Tasmania

The South Australian government also echoed views expressed by its partner states, saying the Games would prove too expensive.

Tasmania initially ran for hosting rights in 2022 but also ruled themselves out.

What about abroad?

New Zealand

Christchurch Mayor Phil Mager has spoken out in favor of holding the Commonwealth Games across New Zealand, but the country has pulled out of hosting duties.

Anyone else?

It remains to be seen whether the cities that initially showed interest in hosting will now step up to the plate.

Kuala Lumpur, Cardiff, Calgary, Edmonton and Adelaide were all interested but, like Victoria, pulled out because they were concerned about costs.


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