That’s not what I ordered! Surprised Amazon shopper who bought a £500 laptop gets two boxes of Weetabix instead

 That's not what I ordered!  Surprised Amazon shopper who bought a £500 laptop gets two boxes of Weetabix instead

That’s not what I ordered! Surprised Amazon shopper who bought a £500 laptop gets two boxes of Weetabix instead

An Amazon shopper said she would ‘think twice’ before ordering online again after her £500 laptop was replaced with two boxes of Weetabix.

Adam Yearsley, 40, from Manchester, bought the HP ProBook as a special ‘treat’ through the online retail giant, but was shocked to open the box and find breakfast cereal instead.

The health care assistant initially thought she had received the wrong order after placing the package and noticed that it was particularly light.

But after checking the label and seeing the correct name and postal address, Adam thinks he may be the victim of an expensive scam, leaving him distressed.

Adam was forced to return the parcel as part of the refund policy, and while he has now been refunded for the defect, he has warned others about the potential dangers of online shopping.

Adam Yearsley was excited to receive his Amazon parcel after ordering a laptop as a ‘treat’, but received a box of cereal instead (pictured)

He said: ‘When I opened the cardboard box, I discovered boxes of Weetabix. There was a box of 24 in the shape of a laptop and two boxes of 12 cellotaped.’

‘I went to work and was pretty bummed I’d spent £500 but got some Weetabix. I was thinking “I’ve been duped”. It made me think twice about ordering anything online again.

‘You’re probably better off going to a store and buying something you can physically see.’

Adam received the package from a delivery driver late afternoon at his home in Manchester, just before starting his regular night shift.

But the loyal Amazon customer was shocked and disappointed that his new computer wasn’t waiting for him in the box.

He said: ‘It was an HP Pro-Book laptop. I paid £500 for it. Purchase took a few days to arrive.

The healthcare assistant (pictured) received a full refund from the online retail giant

‘I have been an Amazon customer for many years. I have never had any problems with them before. I am a loyal customer. I was just buying it as a treat.

‘The package seemed pretty light to be a laptop, and I was just about to work, but I decided to open it. At first, I thought it was for my partner who often orders things online.. or did I open the wrong parcel?

‘But I looked at the label, and it was for me, and five minutes later, I realized I’d been duped.’

Adam immediately contacted Amazon and later reached out to the police to investigate a possible theft.

Initially, he said the company was ‘reluctant’ to refund his money. Adam also had to shell out £7.40 for postage to send the parcel back to the depot.

Adam said: ‘Amazon was very reluctant to refund the money. They told me that it would take a long time and that I would have to post the parcel and send them the receipt. They said it could be a long wait.’

‘When I went to the post office to send it back, the guy said, “You shouldn’t be paying for it”‘. I paid £7.40, but I chose to send it Record Delivery. I wanted it straight back.’

An Amazon spokesperson said: ‘This has been resolved. We have contacted the customer directly, apologized and issued a full refund.’

Greater Manchester Police has been contacted for comment.


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