Sydney and Melbourne weather: Why it’s about to get colder

Sydney and Melbourne weather: Why it's about to get colder

A series of cold fronts are expected to sweep across Australia from coast to coast this week, bringing some ‘extremely cold’ days with rain and cold temperatures.

The first cold front will hit the southern part of Western Australia on Tuesday and then cross the state on Wednesday night before a second strong trough moves south east of the country.

Gusty northwesterly winds are expected ahead of a cold front followed by heavy rain and snow in the Stirling Ranges.

It is forecast to track eastwards to reach South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales from Thursday.

Weatherzone meteorologist Corinne Brown told the Daily Mail Australia’s wind will be the main concern as a second cold front brings cooler conditions.

‘Significant wind chills will make temperatures feel colder than forecast,’ Ms Brown said.

A ‘cold front’ following two cold fronts will bring gusty winds and cold temperatures to almost all states and territories across the country (pictured).


The Victorian capital will ‘feel no warmer than around 8.3 degrees Celsius’ on Thursday – between four and five degrees cooler than the actual temperature.

Ms Brown said two cold fronts and a cooler atmosphere would make for some very cold nights and mornings for Melbourne later in the week.

Winter temperatures are expected to linger over the weekend and not exceed 10.9C on Saturday.

Melbourne is forecast to reach a high of 15°C and a low of 5°C during the week, with rain from Thursday.


Sydneysiders are unlikely to feel the effects of the first cold front but will experience some cold days as the second front moves across the country.

Ms Brown said Sydney would be hit with extremely cold weather on Wednesday, with temperatures expected to hover around 10C despite a forecast high of 16C.

Cold mornings are likely more likely in western Sydney rather than the CBD.

Cooler weather is likely to continue into the weekend, with temperatures expected to reach a high of 13C on Sunday.


Ms Brown said Tasmania would be ‘battered by a persistent cold front’ with temperatures on Thursday and Friday quite cooler than mainland standards.

‘Hobart residents will probably just say “suck it, it’s not that cold” but by mainland standards there are certainly some cold days ahead,” Ms Brown said.

Hobart will have minimum temperatures of five to nine degrees and highs in the mid-teens, with rain expected every second day of the week

The ‘Chilean airmass’ behind two cold fronts will see temperatures four to five degrees cooler than forecast highs


Things will be warmer in the Sunshine State, with Brisbane forecast to reach a top of 24 degrees next weekend.

However, Brisbane residents are expected to feel the effects of a second cold front from early next week, with temperatures expected to hit 15C.

Brisbane will also see some rain early in the week before the wet weather clears on Wednesday.

Residents of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney will feel the brunt of the cold weather from Wednesday (stock image Pedestrian with cold)


Australia in Canberra is under a cold weather warning as a cold front settles in from Wednesday.

Temperatures will reach freezing lows of -3C on Wednesday and Thursday, with strong winds creating very cold days from Friday to Sunday.


Ms Brown said Wednesday was the day to watch for Perth, with plenty of cloud cover and gusty winds.

The maximum temperature on Wednesday is forecast to reach 17 degrees Celsius but will feel like 12 degrees Celsius due to the ‘cool atmosphere’.

Perth could see rain from Tuesday until the end of the week, with Wednesday expected to be the wettest day with up to 15mm of rain.

Temperatures in the state capital throughout the week will reach the high teens during the day and a minimum of 8 degrees Celsius at night.


A second cold front will move towards South Australia by mid-week, bringing significant wind chill.

Ms Brown explained that Adelaide residents would be hit by ‘constant winds’ from Thursday to Sunday.

“The cold will certainly feel cold from Thursday to Saturday, although the temperature will not be particularly cold it will feel very cold,” Ms Brown said.

Thursday is expected to be the coldest day with temperatures of over 10C, despite the forecast high of 13C.

Adelaide’s highs will be between 15 and 16C for the week, with a low of 5C on Tuesday.

Rain is forecast for Adelaide from midweek into Sunday, with up to 5mm expected on Thursday


Meanwhile, Darwin will not feel any impact from the cold front with temperatures of 33 degrees Celsius and no rain for the whole week.


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