Queensland woman rides horse through McDonald’s drive-thru in Yarrabilba – leaving staff shocked

Queensland woman rides horse through McDonald's drive-thru in Yarrabilba - leaving staff shocked

Queensland woman rides horse through McDonald’s drive-thru in Yarrabilba – leaving staff shocked

Woman rides horse through drive-thru to get coffee

A woman has stunned McDonald’s staff by confidently riding her horse through the fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru.

The strange encounter at a McDonald’s in Yarrabilba, south of Brisbane, saw the woman ordering a small tea while riding a gold-plated palomino horse while staff cheered after the initial shock.

Social media users were shocked to see the video as the woman confidently marched to the first window to order and pay and was not turned away.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that horse riding through the drive-thru was strictly prohibited due to rider and staff safety concerns.

A woman has shocked social media users after successfully ordering a golden coat, a palomino, horse at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Yarrabilba, south of Brisbane.

The woman posted the video on the TikTok channel, sme_centre, where it has been viewed over 100,000 times.

The video shows the woman approaching the drive-thru behind two cars before she chirps, ‘It says “no pedestrians” but it doesn’t say no horses so we’re good”.

Being well above the height of the microphone, the woman and the horse slowly approach the first window to order a small, soy chai latte.

The cashier is shocked when the horse turns its head to look through the window into the kitchen, drawing the attention of the other staff.

After the shock wore off, the staff member then reached through the window to pet the horse as it stood patiently waiting for its rider to pay.

The pair then walked to the pick-up window where other workers were cheerfully waiting.

‘Oh my god, hello,’ a staff member can be heard saying as they reach the window to pick up their small coffee orders.

‘I have to take a video,’ said the same staff member as other staff members entered the small room to look at the horse.

Staff were initially shocked to see the horses trolling past the order and pick-up windows but quickly became delighted to see the pets being filmed.

The video garnered hundreds of comments from users who were shocked that he wasn’t refused service by drive-thru employees.

‘Did they serve you? Neat….rejected a lot of maca,’ one user wrote.

‘I used to do this all the time, they usually refuse to serve you these days even if you’ve done well,’ wrote a second.

Tried it in the ’90s and was told no and served no! Glad to see it’s changing,’ wrote a third.

While some were excited about the prospect of running horses or other animals through the drive-thru, a McDonald’s spokeswoman said that’s prohibited.

A spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia, ‘Ensuring the safety of our people and customers is our highest priority at McDonald’s.

‘We have strict safety policies and do not allow customers to ride horses in the drive-thru for the safety of riders, our employees, fellow customers and animals.’


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