I’m 25 and I don’t want kids so my husband is now angry and calling us selfish

I'm 25 and I don't want kids so my husband is now angry and calling us selfish

A young couple who sensationally claimed they were ‘too selfish to have children’ have shocked fans by revealing the huge steps they took to prevent ‘accidents’.

Indiana Knight, 25, and her husband Heraldo, 34, from Sydney, both visited doctors about being sterilised.

The doctor in Indiana refused to consider ‘flat out’ a permanent option – so his partner went under the knife instead.

‘My husband was adamant that he would have a vasectomy,’ she said.

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Indiana Knight, 25, and her husband Heraldo, 34, from Sydney, do not want children.

“She’s like, ‘You’ve done your job, you’re on birth control, it’s my time.’

The young couple says they are content to be there for their friends’ children and are confident in their choice to remain child-free forever.

They added that they are excited to live out the rest of their lives in their ‘double income no kids’ era.

The announcement was made in a video showing the couple dancing together at their home.

It has been watched by more than 2.7 million people on the platform – but opinion is divided.

A woman said, ‘It’s so good to see..’ after so much pressure from family and friends ‘when are you having children’….what if we don’t want children’.

‘I love my boys but my dink days were amazing.’

‘Society pushes you to think you haven’t made it in life without kids and marriage, we’re 45 kids double income = no worries..life is good,’ added a third.

Others suggested that the couple would regret their choice.

It remained the same till ’38. Enjoy!…Although I must say, I love being a dad,’ said one man.

The young couple says they are content to be there for their friends’ children and are confident in their choice to remain child-free forever

‘I live with what-ifs every day and now it’s too late for me to go back and get them,’ said one woman.

‘We’ve been dating for almost 6 years now, but I’m looking forward to having a baby. It’s fun but it gets to a point where you feel like you’re missing something,’ added another.

One woman warned that the operation was not fool proof.

‘I’m currently pregnant with a vasectomy baby,’ she said.

Some of the men asked why Indiana didn’t go under the knife, despite her explanation that she wanted to and was refused.

What happened to equality? The woman should get the snip. Don’t be forced to do something we’ve done for decades. Grow some balls man,’ one man fumed.

Others said they ‘only had one child’ because it still felt like they were living the life of a double income rather than the life of a child.

‘One is the magic number – we still do what we did before.’

Indiana made waves by revealing her decision not to be a mother before Heraldo ‘The Snip Power’.

She said her husband is on the same page, and that he did ‘his fair share’ of helping raise her siblings, being the eldest of four, and revealed all the reasons they decided against having children.

A young couple revealed all their reasons for refusing to have children – from financial concerns to pursuing other goals in life

1. Children are expensive

‘We’re not against parents – I absolutely believe you can have a full, rich life with children,’ says Indiana.

‘I look at my friends with kids and think they’re doing an incredible job, but living a normal life is hard enough, how do you afford kids too?’

The Australian Institute of Family Studies revealed that raising two children on a middle-class income can cost up to $960 a week.

2. Clash of personalities

‘I was never a kid,’ says the make-up artist. ‘I’m the awkward person who doesn’t know what to do with them.’

‘I’m really scared of people handing me their kids – I never wanted them,’ she added.

Indiana also revealed that her husband is the eldest of four children and spent his childhood and early adulthood in the care of his siblings.

‘He’s done his time, he doesn’t want to do it again,’ he said.

3. He has a business and is very ambitious

‘You can be ambitious and have babies, but my business is my baby,’ she said. ‘It takes a lot of time and energy and stress.’

Indiana said she couldn’t put an equal amount of effort into her business and raising her children.

4. Selfish reasons

Indiana openly admits that she is ‘selfish’ about how she spends her time.

‘I’m happy to admit it, and I’d rather say I’m selfish and choose not to have children for the sake of it, than to have them and still be selfish.’

She added, ‘I want to take a nap and go out to dinner whenever I want and not have to worry about arranging a babysitter.’

‘My husband and I are both on the same page, and I will openly admit that we are putting ourselves first.’

5. Children are noisy

Sydney woman doesn’t want to deal with ‘extra noise’ in her home.

‘I’m such an introverted housewife and I just like to sit quietly at home,’ she reveals.

Indiana also said it was a very personal choice and she didn’t judge other people for their family planning.

‘There’s no reason to get frustrated or upset because you don’t agree, my philosophy is to let people live their lives.’

Endiana Knight, from Sydney, is content to be a ‘dog parent’ and ‘cool aunt’ all her life, and is sick of other people telling her she’s ‘going to change her mind’

Many agree with Indiana’s views.

‘The same! It’s hard because a lot of people think you’re at a point or trying to change your mind, when it’s okay for them not to!’ Written by a woman.

‘Really, how are people providing for children?’ asked another.

‘I have a lot of trauma and I don’t want to affect the children with it,’ said one woman. ‘And, I love sleep!’

Others, however, could not see his point of view.

One person wrote, ‘I’ll never understand getting married if you don’t have kids.

‘It’s different with your own kids,’ wrote one mother. ‘You won’t.’


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