Hulkfoot and Bigfoot heels have arrived and fashionistas are confused

Hulkfoot and Bigfoot heels have arrived and fashionistas are confused

Fashion fans are horrified by the bizarre $140 ‘Hulk’ heels that even rival those infamous red cartoon boots

Thailand-based designer I Wanna Bangkok has released two-inch kitten heels, featuring veins alongside the toe, and leather Hulkfoot and Bigfoot heels retailing for $140, in sizes eight to 11.

Fashion fans are horrified to see a pair of shoes that look like ‘Hulk’ legs.

Thai designer I Wanna Bangkok has put its best foot forward and released two new creations, the Hulkfoot and Bigfoot heels.

The footwear is made of leather, and comes in the Marvel superhero’s signature green and mythical creature flesh tones.

Both heel variations are chunky and wide and veined along the toes.

Thailand-based brand I Wanna Bangkok has released two-inch kitten heels. The heel features veins as well as the toes

The unisex heels range from sizes eight to 11 and can be purchased for $140

One of the ways that Hulkfoot heels can be styled, is with flared leg warmers

The unisex heels range from sizes eight to 11, and can be purchased for $140.

And the up-and-coming designer managed to do a double-take with the fashionistas with distinct looks.

One man pleaded with the jokers, writing: ‘Let’s not make this a trend.’

Another wrote: ‘140USD for some bullshit. Some people have more money than brain cells bro.’

Another pleaded with the brand: ‘Please just stop.’

And one confused fashionista wrote: ‘TF (f***) what is this?’

One social media user compared them to another split footwear brand

‘Crocs have nothing on these monsters,’ they sneered.

While most fashionistas were surprised by the unusual heels, some were intrigued.

One person commented: ‘Hulk heels hard.’

Another liked them, writing: ‘These are really dope [as f***] Not gonna lie…simple invention.’

A third added: ‘Go hard AF.’

The heels are made of leather, and come in Hulk’s signature green and Big Foot flesh tones

The upcoming brand has received a double take from fashionistas who get distracted by the surreal heels

While most fashionistas were confused, some were intrigued by the shoes

The heels’ release comes just months after fashion brand MSCHF debuted a striking pair of red boots that made the wearer look like a cartoon character.

I Wanna Bangkok’s new creations steal the spotlight from MSCHF’s infamous Big Red Boots as the most divisive shoes.

At the time of writing, the brand has over 32,000 followers on Instagram, but the eye-catching footwear will surely bring in a larger curious crowd.

Regardless of the divided opinion one thing is clear, exotic shoes are making headlines, like the big red boots.

But it’s not just these shoes that have gone viral as fans never know what to expect from MSCHF next

The brand previously released $3,000 Jesus sneakers that were filled with holy water and blessed by a priest as well as the back of the shoe.


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