Harvard claims it has found the elixir of youth – but experts call it ‘hype’

Harvard claims it has found the elixir of youth - but experts call it 'hype'

Harvard claims it has found the elixir of youth – but experts call it ‘hype’


Harvard scientists have identified a cocktail of chemicals that can reverse aging in human and mouse skin cells by several years. Dr. David Sinclair, a molecular biologist at Harvard Medical School, sees this as a breakthrough toward affordable whole-body rejuvenation. However, some scientists remain skeptical, calling the research preliminary. Previous aging reversal methods were expensive and time-consuming genetic editing processes.

The new study, published in the journal Aging, builds on Nobel Prize-winning research on anti-aging genes. Researchers have discovered a cocktail of six chemicals that can reverse cellular aging and rejuvenate human cells within a week. These cocktails have shown promising results in both mice and human cells. The study suggests that this treatment may have comparable effects to a year-long regenerative treatment described in a landmark 2019 study.

The study assessed changes in age using mouse and human transcriptomic clocks, which predict biological age based on gene expression data. Sinclair believes this discovery could lead to a single pill that reverses aging and treats age-related diseases. However, not all biologists are convinced. They argue that researchers should have shown improvements in age-related health problems in mice before making such claims. Although the screening method is innovative, more evidence is needed to support the effects of biological aging.

Dr. Charles Brenner, a metabolomics researcher, expressed concern about three compounds in the study: CHIR99021, tranylcypromine, and valproic acid. According to him, CHIR99021 blocks the formation of glycogen, which occurs during sleep to store energy, thereby reducing nighttime hunger. He points out potential risks and questions the assessment of cell identity in the study.

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