CAMPBELLTOWN, ADELAIDE Alleged shooting death: Good Samaritan shares grim details about Alexandra Vargulis’ death

CAMPBELLTOWN, ADELAIDE Alleged shooting death: Good Samaritan shares grim details about Alexandra Vargulis' death

A Good Samaritan has shared grim details about an Adelaide mother’s final moments after she was shot and left to bleed out in a driveway.

Alexandra Vargulis, 51, was allegedly shot dead with her daughter Daniela, 22, at a property in Campbelltown, north-east of Adelaide, about 1.20pm on Saturday.

Ms Vergulis died at the scene and her daughter was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with serious injuries. The alleged gunman, 51, allegedly barricaded himself inside the property before surrendering to police after a four-hour standoff.

Now, first responder Max McLean has revealed the alleged gunman walked in and out of the home as he worked to save women’s lives.

‘He was in and out. He came out a couple of times,’ Mr McLean told 7 News.

Alexandra Vargulis, 51, (pictured) was allegedly shot dead at a home in Adelaide’s north-east on Sunday.

Neighbor Max McLean (pictured) revealed horrifying details of Mrs Vergulis’ final moments as he worked to save her life.

Mr McLean, who lives nearby, was at the scene before police. He found one woman lying in the driveway and another in the yard before running to his car to grab a first aid kit.

Along with another neighbor, Mr McLean immediately set to work trying to stabilize the pair with CPR and pressure on their wounds.

He said Daniela, who was shot in the stomach and leg, was still conscious and able to speak, but was not ‘overly coherent’.

Mr McLean said he believed a bullet in his upper thigh hit his femoral artery. While another neighbor tended to Danielle, Mr McLean went to help Ms Vargulis.

Unfortunately, his injuries were so severe that there was nothing he could do to save him.

In his final moments, Mr McLean said Ms Vergulis had confirmed to him the circumstances leading up to the alleged attack, but he did not want to divulge what she said out of respect for his family.

Ms Vergulis was a long-standing staff member at the University of South Australia, where she served as Executive Assistant for the UniSA Education Futures Department.

Her daughter graduated from the same university with a bachelor’s degree in law and psychology just three months ago.

Dozens of tactical police swarmed Elm Road on Sunday after the alleged gunman allegedly barricaded himself inside a home.

Mr McLean said Daniela Vargulis (pictured) was shot in the thigh and torso.

A University of South Australia spokesman said the UniSA community was ‘shocked and saddened’ by Ms Vargulis’ death and sent its condolences to the family.

‘He was a highly respected colleague and will be sorely missed,’ the spokesman said.

‘Our thoughts are with Alexandra’s loved ones at this difficult time.’

Danielle underwent surgery after the alleged attack and remains in hospital in stable condition.

After the alleged gunman surrendered to the police, he was taken to the city watch house where he was charged with murder and attempted murder.

He appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court for the first time on Monday, where a confidentiality order was issued to prevent the 51-year-old’s identity.

The move was made by police who are still investigating the case and argue that they are yet to interview key witnesses.

Meanwhile, Danielle’s boyfriend Corey Stevens revealed his girlfriend is determined to become a lawyer to ‘make the world a safer place’.

Danielle’s boyfriend said mother and daughter shared a ‘close bond’ and were ‘inseparable’

‘Daniella and I would talk for hours every night about how she wanted to fight for justice and bring criminals to justice, to make the world a safer and better place,’ he said.

‘He wanted to probe the minds of criminals, to understand all the events in life that lead up to the crimes they commit.’

Mr Stevens said Daniella shared a close bond with her mother, who ‘supported her through thick and thin’.

He said Mrs Vergulis ‘loved Daniela deeply’ and the pair were ‘inseparable’.

In the wake of the tragedy, Mr Stevens has set up a GoFundMe to support his ‘bright, joyful, and strong’ girlfriend.

“Daniella and Alexandra did not deserve this and Daniella will need the support of the world as she deals with her physical trauma, the loss of her mother,” he said.

‘Daniella will not stop here, she will come back stronger and still fight for the lives of those in need.’

The funds, which have reached $1655 so far, will go toward Danielle’s medical, emotional and wellness expenses.


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