Andrew Bolt slams Brittany Higgins for new UN internship after she received ‘up to $3 million’ in compensation by Labor government

Andrew Bolt slams Brittany Higgins for new UN internship after she received 'up to $3 million' in compensation by Labor government

Commentator Andrew Bolt says he feels ‘cheated’ as Brittany Higgins was based on $3 million in taxpayer funding claiming her political career was ruined after she was accused of rape at Parliament House.

However, Ms Higgins recently completed an internship at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, the political commentator noted last night on her Sky News programme, The Bolt Report.

‘Honored to be interning at this year’s UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in Geneva,’ Ms Higgins wrote on Instagram under a selfie outside the UN in her mother’s Gucci heels.

Bolt said he was ‘surprised’ to see the post as it came just seven months before Anthony Albanese’s government awarded Ms Higgins a hefty compensation because ‘she claimed in court documents that she could not work in politics at all’.

‘Yet he is now posing for pictures outside the UN building in Geneva and saying he’s got a new job. Of course, it’s an internship, I get it.

‘But I still find it very strange,’ he said. ‘Actually I feel cheated.’

It can also be revealed Ms Higgins’ fiance David Sharaz uploaded a photo this week of their recent ski trip, which marked his fourth trip to win his compensation claim.

Ms Higgin shared a series of pictures of herself wearing her mum’s Gucci heels outside the UN headquarters in Geneva (pictured).

Ms Higgins filed a civil suit in December against the Commonwealth and her former employers, Senators Linda Reynolds and Michaelia Cash, alleging she was not supported in her initial sexual assault allegations in 2019.

The lawsuit was filed the day after a criminal trial against her alleged rapist Bruce Lehrman broke down and was settled just one day after mediation.

Mr. Lehrman has consistently denied the allegations against him.

Ms Higgins’ claim was for 40 years of lost wages, but Bolt noted on Monday that she has had three jobs since first going public with her allegations on national television in 2021.

‘How could Higgins, who was too damaged to work, work at the United Nations? Exactly a year later, when I thought he might never work again,’ he said.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Ms Higgins was media adviser to the First People’s Assembly of Victoria, before taking a position as a visiting fellow at former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Global Institute for Women’s Leadership.

He also worked part-time for the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

David Sharaz uploaded an Instagram Story on Monday that included a selfie in the snow (pictured).

Last week, Ms Higgins and David Sharaz (both pictured, left) were in Melbourne for his lawyer’s birthday

Ms Higgins is also studying for a Doctor of Law with Bond University and Bolt said she has a Bachelor of Business ‘which is usually reserved for people with business ambitions’.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Ms Higgins for comment.

Ms Higgins and her fiance Mr Sharaz live on Queensland’s Gold Coast, but they have enjoyed at least four trips handed over $3 million in taxpayer funds – two of which were international.

Earlier on Monday, Mr Sharaj uploaded an Instagram story of him in the snow – apparently taken by Ms Higgins, who tagged in the photo.

‘The face of pre-ski fear,’ she wrote.

Last week, the pair were pictured at a high-end restaurant in Melbourne to celebrate her lawyer Leon Zwer’s birthday.

Earlier, the couple had just returned from a European sojourn, during which they interned at the United Nations in Geneva.

In January, the pair enjoyed a belated Christmas present to Mr Sharaj in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean – a fortnight after surprising him with a romantic New Year’s Eve proposal at sunset.

The Maldives getaway was Brittany’s Christmas present to her fiance David Sharaz


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