Window Pain: The strange moment a glass door explodes and another woman crashes into her head

Window Pain: The strange moment a glass door explodes and another woman crashes into her head

Window pain: Strange moment a glass door explodes and crashes into another woman’s head as an elderly woman tries to enter a building

This terrible accident happened in a pharmacy in southern China’s Guangxi

Surreal footage shows the moment a glass door explodes as a woman reaches to open it, before a second pane falls on another woman, knocking her to the floor.

An elderly woman was trying to enter a pharmacy in Guangxi, China last week, when one side of its glass door shattered before falling instantly.

The old woman, who was seen rubbing her head as she approached the building, probably sustained a worse illness in the incident than the clinic she was visiting.

But it was a doctor inside the building who was most affected by the chaos, as one door collapsed as another fell on top of him.

The weight of the giant pane of glass knocked the woman to the ground, causing her to hit her head on a bench before screaming for help.

An elderly woman is seen rubbing her head as she approaches a building in Guangxi, China

As soon as it touches the glass door, it shatters into a million pieces, the video shows

As one side of the glass door exploded, the other immediately fell, hitting a woman inside.

The woman, a staff member at the pharmacy, fell to the ground and a colleague rushed to her aid

A woman was helped inside the pharmacy by a colleague, while another held her head in what was probably shock or pain.

After the freak accident, another member of the medical center’s staff rushed to help his colleague.

He pulls her up and lays her against the bench she was dumped on and puts her in the recovery position.

Meanwhile, the woman outside appears to be sitting in a position that may be in pain or shock.

A concerned bystander then appears in the background, assessing the destruction.

He appears to be calling out to the women inside before reaching for his phone, presumably to call for help.

The incident took place on July 11. The condition of the two women was not known.


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