Vegan activist Tash Peterson burns police notices after ban at Western Australia venue

Vegan activist Tash Peterson burns police notices after ban at Western Australia venue

A notorious animal welfare activist burned legal notices banning her from all pubs and restaurants in the state after a run-in with a chef who banned vegetarians from his business.

Tash Peterson, a fierce animal rights activist, clashed with fiery restaurant owner John Mountain after she requested a criminal order naming him.

Shocking footage captures the moment vegan activist Tash Peterson burns a police notice banning her from all pubs and restaurants in Western Australia.

Ms Peterson was banned for 12 months from entering any premises serving alcohol after she was involved in ugly exchanges with chef John Mountain at her Perth restaurant fire on June 30 and July 8.

Mr Mountain banned vegetarians from his restaurant last month prompting Ms Peterson to stage a protest outside his venue where he disturbed diners by playing loud audio of squealing pigs while shouting about ‘animal apocalypse’.

Now the 29-year-old has burnt what she claims was a police notice informing her of her ban from all licensed premises in the state.

Ms Peterson (second from right) protested twice at John Mountain’s (second from left) Fire restaurant in Connolly, north of Perth, after the chef banned vegans.

Vegan model Tash Peterson laments ‘trillions of non-humans brutally murdered for human pleasure’ before apparently burning a police notice banning her from premises that serve alcohol

‘I no longer abide by this, I do not accept this service notice,’ the model and vegan protester said before burning the piece of paper.

In doing so Ms Peterson not only defied police orders issued by Joondalup Police, she challenged the authority of WA’s court system.

“I will continue to go to restaurants and places with liquor licenses if they make a profit and torture, enslave and kill animals,” he said.

‘No one can stop me from bringing to light the greatest genocide in history where trillions of inhumans are brutally slaughtered just for human pleasure.’

In the clip, which he posted on his social media channels, he claimed that the notice was a ‘total abuse of law’.

‘This notice is designed for rowdy, drunk and violent people, not animal rights activists.

‘They are using it in an attempt to silence me, to prevent me from bringing light to animal slaughter in many places.’

It is the fourth time the high-profile activist, known for his confrontational and provocative protest tactics, has been banned from state-licensed venues.

Ms. Peterson often appears naked, covered in body paint, or wearing fetish gear during her public protests.

A remorseful Mr Mountain, who banned vegetarians from his restaurant in June, launched legal action against Ms Peterson after confronting them on July 8.

He alleged that there was a hidden agenda behind his animal advocacy.

‘He’s just grasping at straws, trying desperately to get another 15 minutes of fame. His only motivation is to increase his subscription to Only Fans,’ he told The Australian.

Ms. Peterson shares racy content with fans only where she earns $40,000 per month.

Ms Peterson has repeatedly targeted chef John Mountain since he banned vegetarians from his restaurant in June.

‘He makes $40,000 a month… I’ve seen it all. He does almost as well as I do… he doesn’t have to get out of bed.’

Miss Peterson has 70,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram and another 18,000 as a model on the adults-only platform OnlyFans.

In WA, the police have the power to issue barring notices to people who are violent or disorderly, engage in indecent behaviour, or contravene written laws on licensed premises.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted WA Police for comment.


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