Two juveniles thrashing ducks at Blakes Lake Reserve in North Adelaide.

Two juveniles thrashing ducks at Blakes Lake Reserve in North Adelaide.

Despicable moment teenage thugs hit a defenseless duck with a pole before trying to flatten them with their scooter

Security footage captures teenagers ‘pulverizing’ ducks, shows two boys using a pole to kill the birds

Horrifying footage captures the moment two teenage boys tried to kill a duck with a pole in the middle of the night.

The pair committed the abhorrent act near a pond at Blake’s Lake Reserve in Adelaide’s northern suburb of Blakeview at 11.40pm on Sunday.

Local woman Sherry, who lives across the street from the park, had the alarming act caught on security cameras at her home.

Security footage (pictured) shows two teenagers beating a group of defenseless ducks with a pole at Blake Lake Reserve in Blakeview, north Adelaide.

Sherry said that in addition to trying to push the animals with poles, the pair also tried to run over the ducks with their scooters.

‘They were pretty much pulverizing these ducks and trying to spear them with these poles,’ Sherry told the Advertiser.

Security footage shows one of the teenage boys removing an object pole near the side of the road.

He then runs to a lamppost where the ducks are resting and proceeds to swing his arms back and start swinging as his friend watches.

Sherry tried to confront the boys but they left without speaking to her.

‘These kids shouldn’t be doing this to innocent animals. Not to mention it’s a major feature of the entire suburb,’ he said.

Locals were outraged by the incident after Sherry posted on a community page because the park is a popular spot for families and the duck is a particular attraction for children.

A nearby resident whose camera caught the teenagers doing the act said locals are upset as the park is a popular spot for families and especially children to watch the ducks.

Sherry contacted the police soon after but was not sure if they were on the scene to investigate.

A South Australia Police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia, ‘Police were called to reports of a disturbance on Main Terrace, Blakeview, at around 11.50pm on Friday 14 July.’

‘There were minimal details of the people involved and no further information was released at the time.

‘No arrests or arrests have been made at this time.’

The spokeswoman urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers.


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