Royal watchers are convinced the £169 dress Princess Charlotte wore to Wimbledon has a hidden meaning

Royal watchers are convinced the £169 dress Princess Charlotte wore to Wimbledon has a hidden meaning

Princess Charlotte made her Wimbledon debut in a sweet blue frock yesterday – and royal watchers think the eight-year-old outfit has a hidden meaning.

The young royal was joined by her mother Kate Middleton, 41, father Prince William, 41, and brother Prince George, nine, at the All England Club for the men’s final.

Dressed for the occasion, Charlotte wore a knee-length frock with flutter sleeves and a scalloped panel at the waist.

Royal watchers noticed that the dress, made of white cotton with a blue floral print, is by Spanish brand Freaky, which costs £169. She also wore a cool pair of pink £21 sunglasses.

This prompted some speculation that the outfit was chosen in honor of King Felipe of Spain, who was also at Wimbledon, cheering on Spanish player Carlos Alcaraz (who would go on to win the match).

Princess Charlotte (pictured, right) wore a blue frock by Spanish brand Freaky as she attended Wimbledon yesterday (pictured with her mother, the Princess of Wales).

The £169 dress features flutter sleeves and a scalloped panel at the waist. She paired it with a white cardigan

Some thought she chose a dress from a Spanish label in honor of King Felipe, who was also at Wimbledon cheering on Carlos Alcaraz.

A Twitter user wrote that the youngster was wearing a royal ‘A’ [Spanish] Dress from Maria to honor Philip,’ suggesting that the Spanish nanny Maria of Wales bought the frock.

Other social media users noted that the princess, who appeared to be cheering on Carlos Alcaraz, had a conversation with King Felipe.

One wrote: ‘So sweet! King Felipe of Spain chats with Princess Charlotte. As his parents look on with pride. I adore how William looks at his baby girl with love. Charlotte, like her parents and great grandmother, QEII has the distinction of having excellent eye contact at such a young age.’

Another added: ‘Look at Charlotte’s face when talking to a king. She is a queen by birth.’

And a third agreed, writing: ‘Love the look on Princess Charlotte’s face. Completely absorbed.’

Also commenting on the interaction, one wrote: ‘The way Charlotte looks at King Felipe.’

Meanwhile, another, noting the youngster’s pose, said: ‘Princess Charlotte is so confident now, it’s great to see.’

After the family trip to Wales yesterday, royal watchers also noticed the close bond between Kate Middleton and her daughter.

Royal watchers took to Twitter to comment on Princess Charlotte’s appearance at Wimbledon yesterday, with many praising the young royal.

During the match, which featured the eight-year-old on tenderhooks, Kate hit Charlotte in the face and leaned in to chat with her.

Arriving in SW19 with her husband and two children yesterday, the Princess of Wales told Ella Ottway, who runs the All England Club’s youth programme: ‘It’s Charlotte’s first time, George came last year. They are eagerly watching.’

In her first visit to the Wimbledon Championships, Charlotte Muawij talks to Anwar, who did the coin toss before the match.

The eight-year-old presented Muawiz with the coin that he used to decide which finalist would serve first in the final.

The princess was seen leaning in to stroke Charlotte’s face during the outing yesterday

Yesterday, Kate took to the field holding her young daughter’s hand before the competition

Meanwhile Kate was seen meeting Charlotte police dog Stella and petting Springer Spaniel, who will be retired next year at the age of nine.

As the family entered Center Court, Kate walked hand-in-hand with Princess Charlotte, who appeared excited.

The little royal burst into laughter as she marveled at the well-fought points during the five-set match.

But at times, the princess sank into her chair and looked as if she could not bear to be seen.

Kate appeared in tune with her daughter, leaning in to chat with her during match moments, as well as stroking her face and putting a hand on her chair.

Many noted that the young royal seemed confident and poised during the appearance – especially given her young age

George and Charlotte were on tenterhooks during the final which ultimately saw Alcarez claim the winner’s trophy and the £2.35 million prize fund.

At one point George is seen with his head in his hands following a near miss point. Dressed in a blue suit and tie, the heir to the throne often leans in to discuss parts of the match with his father.

The two siblings could be seen cheering with their fists in the air as Alcaraz, 20, claimed a 3-2 victory in what seemed like an impossible match.

Their mother, the Princess of Wales, was in awe as she congratulated the 20-year-old Spaniard and presented him with his trophy – who passionately held it up to the crowd that supported him during the almost five-hour long game.

Louis, the youngest member of the family, is said to be unhappy that he did not get to join them this year despite practicing to be a ballboy.


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