Moment pitch-invading NRL footy fan knocks security guard to ground at Knights v Tigers game

Moment pitch-invading NRL footy fan knocks security guard to ground at Knights v Tigers game

A pitch-invading footy fan knocks a security guard to the ground and runs out of the stadium at an NRL match

Pitch attacker charges at security guard knocks security guard to ground as pitch attacker flees into stands

While most pitch invaders tend to run away from security guards, a man who jumped onto the pitch at the McDonald Jones Stadium on Friday night intercepted one directly before attending to evade ground officers.

The Knights beat Wests Tigers for the first time this year in a Cullen Ponga masterclass 34-18.

Newcastle fans were delighted with the result, and one man decided to celebrate by jumping the fence and running onto the pitch during the match.

In a video that has now gone viral, he can be seen jumping on the turf and running through the in-goal area as the crowd cheers him on.

The fan is then seen running straight to a security guard and charging at him on the shoulder, causing the guard to fall from second best and land on his back.

A man ran onto the field at McDonald Jones Stadium on Friday night, barreling directly into a security guard before fleeing into the stands.

The fan was seen fleeing into the stands as the crowd around him cheered.

However, not everyone saw the funny side of the incident, with plenty of footy fans taking to social media to criticize the pitch invader’s actions.

‘The funny part will be when this guy gets charged with assault,’ one fan commented

‘What will security do to you,’ said another.

‘Absolute Muppets will now receive a $5500 fine as well as assault charges!’ A third answer.

After trailing 18-0, the Tigers did well to close the gap to four points in the second half as rookie fullback Zahram Bulla grabbed a try-scoring double.

But playing pong ball in the red zone proved the difference between the teams. The fullback had a hand in five of his side’s seven tries to ensure a memorable 100th game for the Knights.

Knights coach Adam O’Brien said of Ponga’s recent form, ‘There’s a whole heap of variables but nothing more than his work and his determination.

Newcastle secured back-to-back wins for the first time this year with a 34-18 win over Wests Tigers on Friday night.

Cailin Ponga guided Newcastle to victory against a spirited Tigers outfit that kept the Knights’ NRL finals hopes alive.

‘Positional change, he has been moved back to his preferred position at fullback. And I think the guys around him are playing well too.’

After winning just three of their first 17 matches this season, the Tigers need to claim two of their remaining seven matches to lift themselves off the bottom of the ladder due to their low points difference.

Next week’s clash with the Dragons is a must-win and the Dolphins look to be the Tigers’ best chance of another win to race home.

“We fought back but we were chasing our tails the whole game,” Tigers coach Tim Sheens said of the latest loss.

‘We lack direction, we don’t stick to the game plan. The coaches are very unhappy about it.’

Pending other results, the Knights could finish in the top eight at the weekend.


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