DJ furious after parents branded him ‘disrespectful and selfish’ for waking up 2-year-old in Ibiza

DJ furious after parents branded him 'disrespectful and selfish' for waking up 2-year-old in Ibiza

Ibiza DJ left angry after parents sent rude notes branding him ‘disrespectful and selfish’ for waking up their two-year-old – but people say they are to blame

A DJ is furious after parents branded their two-year-old ‘disrespectful and selfish’ for waking them up during their trip to Ibiza.

Chilean Brian Checo works in several nightclubs around the Spanish island, which is famous for its party scene.

Over the weekend, the 26-year-old was shocked to discover a note shoved under the door of his holiday accommodation.

The handwritten note – which she later posted on Twitter – was written by a set of angry parents who heard noises coming from Brian’s room.

It read: ‘You are the most selfish person, waking up a two year old.

Pictured: The note Brian Checko found shoved under his door. Anonymous parents called him ‘wicked and selfish’

‘Hard, selfish and absolutely no manners or respect.’

The anonymous parents – who refused to sign the note – ended the message by labeling the DJ and his friends ‘drag up s**gs’.

Unsure of how to respond, Brian shared a picture of the hastily scribbled note with his Twitter followers.

He wondered: ‘Who brings a 2-year-old to Ibiza?’

His tweet was viewed by more than 1.9 million people and sparked heated debate among Twitter users.

On Brian’s side, one horrified follower replied: ‘Like they came for your throat in person!’

Another added: ‘To be fair, the selfish people in this scene are the people who went to Ibiza – despite having a two-year-old.’

Meanwhile a third said:[This] Probably the same people who were walking late with a buggy in Amsterdam’s red light district…’

The handwritten note sparked heated debate on Twitter – with some arguing that ‘young families should also be able to take the holiday’.

‘She’s a selfish woman if she thinks people should cancel their holidays because she brought a 2-year-old to Ibiza,’ said a fourth critic. #He should move hotels to quieter parts of Ibiza.’

However, others weren’t so quick to judge parents – and highlighted how some areas of Ibiza are very family-friendly.

One wrote: ‘Guess it depends on location. If there is a family hotel away from the party scene. Then it’s fair game to have a bit of a whinge.

‘If it’s a party hotel in San Antonio, they can’t complain.’

‘Guess we need more context as parts of the island are supposed to be family friendly,’ said another. ‘Other parts not so much.’

‘Young families should be able to take holidays too,’ wrote a third.


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