Baby Lucky: Real identity of parents Honey and Pan Ahimsa after Bali GoFundMe medievac

Baby Lucky: Real identity of parents Honey and Pan Ahimsa after Bali GoFundMe medievac

The parents of a baby girl who was fighting for her life in Bali before generous Australians shelled out nearly $200,000 to take her to a Gold Coast hospital are actually a fashion influencer and an artist who flips a van for a living.

Daily Mail Australia can exclusively reveal the real identities of the couple, who call themselves Honey and Pan Ahimsa, as they return to Indonesia with their daughter ‘Baby Lucky’ where they are currently renovating a house.

Baby Lucky captured the nation’s hearts in February when her mother launched a desperate bid to charter a medical evacuation flight to Australia for her seven-week-old baby girl.

Lucky was reportedly suffering from sepsis and pneumonia and doctors gave him a 50 percent chance of survival. After receiving over $200,000 in donations, he was Medi-Everaged for life-saving care not available in Indonesia.

Lucky’s parents are not the names Madhu and Pan were born with Madhu was previously known as Rachel Etty aka Rachel Etty-King, a Melbourne-born model.

Meanwhile, Swami Pan is Canadian Graham White, who has traveled the world visiting hippie haunts and compared himself to world famous street artist Banksy.

The pair have their own ‘ethical clothing’ label. They also sell restyled vehicles, such as van-lifers’ favorite vans – marketed with a popular Instagram audio track of the alternative type. One such van was sold for $60,000.

‘Welcome to the nouveau riche,’ lyrics. ‘We are debt free’.

Honey Nonviolence is Melbourne-based Rachel Etty-King (above), a model and influencer. Generous Australians raised nearly $200,000 to medevac her baby girl to Australia

Mrs Iti-King aka Honey Ahings (above) and her family were flown to the Gold Coast where her seven-week-old daughter was treated at a hospital for sepsis.

A van Honey and Pan Ahins aka Rachel Etty-King and Graham White flipped and sold for up to $60,000. The home was marketed with a popular alternative audio track, with the lyrics: ‘Welcome to the new rich….we’re debt free’.

White, the son of a concrete industry worker who grew up on a farm in Ontario, Canada, previously called himself Pan Trinity Das and was married to Los Angeles actress Kiri Mayezumi before meeting Rachel Etty in Bali.

In an interview in 2018, he explained that ‘Pan is an artist identity that I picked up as a teenager’.

‘I felt that I had a lot of limitations before where Pan could do things,’ he said.

He said in another 2016 interview with Ontario’s Northumberland News that Graham White panned Trinity Daske after traveling to Montreal and became an artist devoted to ‘spiritual art that raises awareness of global issues’.

It is unclear when he changed his name to Pan Ahimsa, but after meeting Ms. ET-King and the birth of their first child, Hendrix White, in mid-2018, he became known as Honey Ahimsa.

As Rachel Iti, the now 30-year-old influencer and model prefers to go by the name Honey Ahings in Bali where she lives with her partner Graham White aka Pan Ahings.

Ms Iti-King (seen last week) posted on her Honey Ahimsa Instagram page about renovating a Balinese house they bought.

Together, as their online personas Pan and Madhu — with the epithet Ahimsa, which means non-harm to other living things in Sanskrit — the couple restyle buses or vans that they sell for up to $60,000.

Captioning a bus conversion ad on her Honey Ahimsa Instagram page, Ms Etty-King wrote: ‘We converted a bus into our home. Such a dream is true! Follow along for more bus life and tips on how to live like a nomad. We travel the world as a family converting vans and buses.’

The audio accompanying the ad – a popular meme – says: ‘Welcome to the new rich. We don’t care what kind of house you live in or what kind of car you drive

‘We don’t care about those designer brands. We are debt free. What we care about most is time, experience’.

A Mercedes Benz van styled by the couple was advertised for sale on the Campervans Australian Marketplace last November by Rachel Etty-King on the Gold Coast for $53,000.

Ms Etty-King promoted it as a ‘dream van’ with a registration plate from her home state of Victoria. He said the couple ‘can deliver to NSW, Qld or South Aus for an additional cost’.

Rachel Ettie-King had an online page called ‘Bluntsnbikinis’ when she first visited Bali where she met her future partner Graham White, now known as Pan Ahings.

Baby Lucky ends up in the hospital with his older brother Hendrix

Pan Ahimsa, who goes by the name Graham White, operates out of a van that he and his Australian partner Rachel Etty-King flipped and then sold as glammed-up vehicles.

A week before Christmas last year, Ms Iti-King gave birth to baby Lucky via a ‘natural home birth on a tropical island in Thailand’, according to her Instagram page.

In early February, Lucky was placed on a ventilator at Siloam Hospital in Denpasar, before an online fundraiser was launched and reached more than $190,000 within days.

Lucky was treated and was able to breathe on his own. Honey and Pan Ahimsa told Channel Seven’s Sunrise: ‘He did very well. She’s a strong little girl’.

This week, Ms. Iti revealed on her Honey Ahimsa Instagram page that she and her husband are moving back to Bali.

‘We found an old Balinese house and very slowly… we are now back and starting the renovation process again.

‘It’s such a winning feeling. Our first home.’

He later said the couple had not bought their new home and were instead simply renting, adding ‘our weekly rent is only $83 a week and it costs very little to renovate a house in Bali’.

Rachel ET and Graham White Honey and Pan have turned their lives around by running a non-violent van flipping and ethical clothing business.

Baby Lucky’s Medevac from Indonesia to Australia was funded online with donations from Australians and others who gave more than $190,000

Pan Ahimsa was plain old Graham White in Peterborough, Ontario where he grew up on a farm with his family (pictured above with his father, Paul White).

Ms Etty was overwhelmed by prices in her home country, posting on Instagram last weekend that ‘After spending a few months in Australia and being quite frankly stressed about how expensive living is, it’s refreshing to be back in Bali where the cost of living is lower. and the standard of living is high’.

In addition to refurbishing vans and buses, one of which was advertised for just under $60,000, Ms Etty and Mr White also run a clothing company. Its motto is: ‘Our mission is to save the world with sexy sustainable fashion’.

The pair both modeled a T-shirt with the slogan ‘Do No Harm’ on the front.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Honey Ahimsa for comment.

Baby Lucky’s parents react to news of how they returned to Bali to renovate a house

A GoFundMe fundraiser, set up by a friend on Ms Ahimsa’s behalf, has now closed and has a message thanking supporters.

‘Future Lucky and Family will help children in Bali who are struggling with health conditions,’ the message said.

Daily Mail Australia asked the organizers for more details on whether this meant money was left over and, if so, what it would be spent on.

Ms Ahings told the publication that she and her partner had not bought their new home and were instead just renting.

‘Plus our weekly rent is only $83 a week and it costs a lot less to renovate a house in Bali,’ says Ms Ahings.

‘No money from the Lucky Love GoFundMe has been used for anything other than as stated on the GoFundMe page.

‘I have all the receipts and bank statements confirming all the expenses for example $107,500 for the medical evacuation plane alone, no overseas medical expenses which were unimaginable.’


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