The American reveals that the US has ‘no words’ to describe this common grocery item.

The American reveals that the US has 'no words' to describe this common grocery item.

‘What do you call it?’ An American woman living in London has sparked angry online debate after pointing out everyday groceries that the US has ‘no word’ for.


An American living in London has sparked an online controversy after mentioning an everyday grocery item for which Americans have no specific name. Claire Dinhout (pictured), better known as ‘Condiment Claire’, has over 470,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares her foodies, recipes and of course her favorite spices. In a recent video, the half-American, half-French food influencer waxed poetic about the gooseberries he found at a farmer’s market when he held the plastic container up to the camera. ‘What do you call it?’ Dinhoot, 27, asked. ‘In the UK it’s called a punnet.’

Punnet is a British term for a small basket or container for fruit or vegetables, but he has yet to come up with an American equivalent. ‘There is no word in the United States. I did an Instagram poll, and you [Americans] Everyone was very confused,’ she said. ‘It was a tray, basket, fruit holder, fruit box,’ she continued, hearing all the names.

Dinhut notes that ‘in French, it’s a barquette.’ The video has been viewed more than 82,000 times, prompting dozens of people to share what they called fruit bowls in the comments. Many Americans insisted ‘it’s a carton’, while others labeled it everything from a pot to a pint.

‘I’ve always called it a plastic container,’ one viewer shared.

‘A carton, pot, gooseberry thing,’ added someone else.

Another joked that it was a ‘plastic fruit holder.’ ‘I literally asked everyone on ig I can assure you every third person has a different answer hahahahaha,’ Dinhoot responded to the comment. TikTok users from other countries have also weighed in. ‘In Canada it’s a pint or a quart depending on the size,’ explained one Canadian, while another added that ‘in Australia it’s a punnet.’

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