‘Game-Changing’ Packing Hack Makes Traveling With Toddlers Easy

'Game-Changing' Packing Hack Makes Traveling With Toddlers Easy

Mom shares ‘game-changing’ packing hack that will make traveling with toddlers easier

This ‘game-changing’ hack spells an end to messy suitcases and wasted clothes

A mom shares a ‘game-changing’ packing hack to make traveling with toddlers easier.

Sharing her wisdom on TikTok, Stefani Joplin shows parents how to plan outfits for two toddlers on a trip away using just a shoe organizer with slots.

In a move to eliminate messy suitcases, the mother-of-two shows how the organizer can be used to neatly arrange a child’s outfit for each day of the holiday without ruining the outfit.

On her channel Betterwithchardonnay, she rotates her toddler’s t-shirts, shorts and underwear into every slot.

Explaining the useful timesaver, he said: ‘I tried the viral packing hack for your kids, and let me tell you, it’s going to be a game-changer.’

Mom Stephanie shares packing hack in now-viral TikTok clip to avoid spoiling kids’ holiday clothes

‘Game-Changer’ Uses an Inexpensive Door-Hanging Shoe Organizer to Pack Clothes

Mrs Joplin revealed that the secret to easy packing for children was to use ‘that cheap, door shoe organiser’.

Any remaining space on the organizer can be used for ‘extra clothes or other items you need’, she told her followers.

Once fully loaded, the package can be folded up and placed inside the suitcase, leaving one side free for other items.

It can then be hung on a door across the holly for ease of access.

TikTok Hack has 423,000 likes and 64,500 shares

Ms Joplin said she was using the hack to pack for her two young children ahead of a six-day holiday.

The 24-slot organizer can be hung on a door so clothes are easily accessible

The package rolls neatly into one side of a suitcase, leaving room for other items

His simple trick to make packing easier was welcomed by the audience who welcomed the concept of ‘genius’.

One said: ‘I have 0 kids in total but I’m saving this for future reference.’

Another asked: ‘Wait that’s genius. Which organizer did you buy because I want to get the same.

Another wrote: ‘Finally something that makes sense.’

Some have commented that they have already used the hack at home as well as on vacation.

One said: ‘This is how I dress my kids every day. It hangs on their door and they choose what clothes to wear. No messy dressers.’

Another said: ‘This is how I pack for a cruise. I’m an overplanner who has specific outfits for specific days…and thus my husband can’t organize days/outfits.’

However, some were less sure whether the organizer could carry everything they needed on holiday and whether it would even fit in a suitcase,

One said: ‘The plastic feels so heavy. Does not take so much space?’

Another asked: ‘And the shoes?’


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