Eco mob vandalizes Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie’s £241m superyacht

Eco mob vandalizes Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie's £241m superyacht

Eco-treasurers today targeted Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie’s £241 million superyacht in Ibiza, using fire extinguishers to cover it in red and black paint.

Vegan activists from Futuro Vegetal (Vegetable Future) sprayed a 360ft container before holding up a ‘You Suffer Others’ sign in their latest climate protest stunt.

The Spanish group claimed responsibility in a statement on social media, saying that ‘the only reason we maintain an economic system that leads us to eco-social collapse is to maintain the privileges of this small privileged class.’

The superyacht belongs to US supermarket heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, who is worth an estimated $7.7 billion and is the daughter of Walmart co-founder James ‘Bud’ Walton.

It has been stuck in the marina for five days and was due to leave Ibiza today. But just when the sailors were ready to set sail, the vandals attacked. Police say two male protesters have been arrested.

It comes just two days after the Spanish group pulled off a similar stunt in Ibiza, when eco-zealots spray-painted a private jet.

Climate workers from Ibiza’s Futuro Vegetal Group broke ground on the 360ft superyacht Kaos at around 9am this morning.

The superyacht was launched by the company Oceanco and is owned by American supermarket heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, daughter of Walmart co-founder James ‘Bud’ Walton.

According to Spanish newspaper Periodico de Ibiza, they used fire extinguishers to spray paint across one end of the $241 million yacht and held up a sign saying ‘You suffer others’.

A crew member on a yacht near Kaos told MailOnline the damage to the vessel is likely to cost its owner ‘millions’.

He said: ‘If Kaos had left ten minutes earlier it would have been our yacht.’

He said port security was ‘useless’: ‘They took a long time to come and the police didn’t even arrest them, they just took them for questioning.’

Futuro Vegetal’s mission is to stop subsidizing livestock farming and use the money to transition to a socially and environmentally just plant-based food system, according to their mission statement.

It says: ‘There is no time to try the same tactics we have been using for years.

‘Our entire population needs to be aware of the intergenerational violence that institutional policies to address the climate crisis have led to.’

The vandalism, which saw the boat sprayed in red and black paint, is likely to cost ‘in millions’ to repair

Futuro Vegetal describes itself as a collective of civil disobedience and direct action against the climate crisis.

The superyacht, which sails under the Jamaican flag, is 360-feet long and weighs 4,523 tons. It was built in the Netherlands in 2017 and was previously known as ‘Jubilee’.

In 2020, Nancy Walton Laurie had her superyacht refitted and redesigned in Hamburg, Germany. The refitting and redesign took a year, and the Walmart heir hired British designer Raymond Langton for the interior, according to YachtBible.

She often takes her superyacht on cruises around Europe and the Mediterranean with her husband and daughter Paige Laurie.

Kaos has four decks and can accommodate 31 guests in 16 cabins as well as 45 crew members in 24 cabins. There are four VIP suites, while most standard suites come with en-suite bathrooms.

The Jamaican-flagged yacht is 360 feet long and weighs 4,523 tons. It was built in the Netherlands in 2017

The largest deck has a swimming pool and an aquarium, while other areas of the yacht include a large cinema, a sauna and full spa facilities (Photo: The boat before it was renovated in 2020 when it was renamed Jubilee)

The largest deck has a swimming pool, a dining area and an aquarium, other areas of the yacht include a large cinema, full spa facilities including a sauna, a gym, a steam room, as well as an indoor beach club.

The crew also have their own gym below deck and a consultation room for medical emergencies on board. The lounge area features gold ceilings and dark wood. Marble bathroom surrounds the deck.

The yacht has a helipad, a hot tub and even room for a small boat for day trips. It carries two tenders, many different water toys, several jet skis, water bobs and paddleboards.

The entire ship is fully wheelchair-accessible due to elevators and barrier-free access to all decks.

Oceanco, which built the superyacht, is also responsible for Jeff Bezos’ £400 million superyacht.

The team pulled off a similar stunt in Ibiza on Friday, when eco-zealots spray-painted a private jet.

It has a helipad, a hot tub and even space for a small boat for day trips. Kaos has four decks and can accommodate 31 guests as well as 45 crew members

They confirmed in a statement that their vandalism was to protest the climate crisis: ‘The action gives the finishing touch to “jets and yachts, the party is over”. campaign, called by Extinction Rebellion Ibiza, who demand a ban on private jets and an end to luxury broadcasting.’

A video from the scene shows a ‘terrorist’ of the group speaking in front of the plane. One said: ‘I came here today because it scares me not having a future.’

In the Ibiza video, activist Marina cites statistics showing that the richest 1% of the world’s population is responsible for more than twice as much carbon pollution as the poorest half.

He states that the luxury industry consumes and pollutes common resources and all life that inhabits the planet.

‘The rich are a luxury we cannot afford. Law!’

The video then cuts to a man covering the plane in black and yellow. He climbs onto the wing and is seen gluing himself to the fuselage.

The video shows the amount of graffiti covering the plane as eco-activists protest the ‘luxury’.

The nose of the plane was covered in yellow paint, as shown in the video shared by Futuro Vegetal

On the other hand, Marina is seen waving yellow smoke. Plains and soil are seen covered in different colors.

At the end of the video, a message reads: ‘We cannot maintain your privileges. eat the rich Help us.’

Meanwhile, footage of climate protesters in Germany has gone viral as activists clash with the driver of an air liquid lorry, a company ‘promoting energy transition’.

The clip, shared online, shows Letze Generation protesters sitting on the road to block traffic before a lorry driver tries to push them over.

A worker was pulled to the side of the road by a moving truck before the driver was able to yield, get out and pull them off the road to safety.

In the video, titled ‘Truck Driver Almost Runs Over Late Generation Human’, three climate protesters are seen sitting on the road in front of an air liquid lorry.

Air Liquide is the official hydrogen supporter of the Paris Olympics and works to develop ‘low-carbon hydrogen and biomethane development for the energy transition’.

The driver tried to pull the protester sitting on the road from under the lorry

The protesters seem to be with the Letzte Generation. The group was founded in 2021 and operates in Germany, Italy and Austria.

They are holding orange banners, although it is not clear what they are saying from the angle.

The lorry driver jumped first and pushed the workers out.

When they were back in position, he slowly began to drive forward – and then moved the worker to the side closest to the sidewalk.

The shock is enough to send the young man flying back and bystanders come to his aid.

The lorry driver is seen throwing his hands up in frustration to stop the lorry.

Again, he gets out and pulls the protester out of the way, creating enough space between them to drive.

As the camera pans out, the video shows a line of cars behind the lorry.

Air Liquide Group, the company that owns Lori, is a self-described world leader in gases, technology and services for industry and health.

The lorry plowed through the protesters, hitting a back before the driver stopped

The footage showed the driver pushing one of the protesters after blocking the road

According to their Instagram channel, their ambition is to ‘deliver long-term performance and contribute to a more sustainable world’.

The company recently became the official hydrogen supporter of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

They say they aim to ‘help reduce carbon emissions’ of the Paris Olympics by ‘accelerating the deployment of hydrogen mobility from renewable sources’.

Air Liquide provided the following statement to MailOnline: ‘On July 12, Air Liquide was made aware of a dispute between a third party contract driver for Air Liquide Medical Gas and local protesters in Stralsund, Germany.

‘The images show unacceptable behavior from the driver which in no way aligns with Air Liquide’s standards.

‘The third party contractor has been informed that Air Liquide will no longer accept the services of this individual.’

Letzte Generation is a climate activist group working in Central Europe. The name means ‘last generation’ in English.

It is known for its street protests, blocking 276 roads throughout 2022 in Germany alone.


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