A psychological test reveals your personality in just four questions

A psychological test reveals your personality in just four questions

What kind of personality are you? The test asks you to reveal how you see yourself and relationships in just four simple questions

Reveal your personality in four questions with this psychological test

Your personality type can be revealed in just four simple questions thanks to an interesting psychological test.

In a TikTok video featuring Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, the reality TV personality explains that people have to answer four questions – along with two different adjectives to explain why.

He introduced the quiz to the audience, saying: ‘It’s a great psychological test that tests your personality in four questions and you have to give two adjectives to explain why you gave that answer.’

For example, the answer to the first question, ‘What is your favorite animal?’, might be ‘dogs’ because they are both ‘intelligent’ and ‘loyal’. Two adjectives are how you describe yourself, Leng says.

Laing then asks: ‘What’s your favorite food?’ A possible answer could be ‘curry’ because it is ‘hot’ and ‘spicy’.

Those two words would be how you describe your partner, says Laing.

Next the audience is asked what their favorite color is and why. According to Laing, your answer is how people describe you.

The last of the four questions asks about a favorite ‘type of water’, such as rivers, seas or swimming pools, for example. Two adjectives you use to explain why, Laing reveals, describe your sex life.

Laing’s viral TikTok clip has 53,000 likes. Users who took the quiz shared their different results based on the answers they gave.

One said: ‘I say panda for the first one because its fat and lazy. Guess it’s me.’

Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing quizzed viewers with a test that revealed your personality in just four questions

The viral TikTok video has over 53,000 likes

Another commented: ‘Drink water. It goes into me and hydrates me.’ Another joked: ‘I described the ocean as vast and mysterious. I should have said non-existent.’

Another user wrote: ‘I chose a poodle, and yes I am warm and adorable. My Favorite Color: Gold Many men describe me as expensive and luxurious.

Others suggested that their answers were not fully implemented. One said: ‘I’m not saying Pad Thai as my favorite food because it’s savory and nutty.’

Another commented: ‘Take it! Favorite animal – cats, because they are smart and proud.’

‘I am not affected by a pool of my answer to the 4th question because it is safe and clean’, wrote another user.


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