People are horrified by a video that shows a woman ‘frozen in time’

People are horrified by a video that shows a woman 'frozen in time'

‘We’ve gone to a different dimension’: People shocked by TikTok video that shows woman ‘frozen in time’ as she walks down the street

A bizarre video of a woman stopping dead in her tracks and seemingly freezing as she walks down the street has left people in awe.

The TikTok video, which was filmed somewhere in the UK, appears to take Snapchat footage of a woman walking down a pavement.

However, as the clip zooms in and focuses on a blonde woman in a black jumper and white trousers, she is completely still.

He remains perfectly still for several seconds, before snapping out of it and continuing to walk normally.

After the short clip went viral, with over 300,000 likes on the platform, people commented that they were confused by what they were doing.

A video has gone viral on TikTok where a woman is seen completely freezing while walking down the street

The clip appeared on the TikTok account @unknown1575489 with the caption ‘NPC missing found’.

‘NPC’ is a term used in gaming to refer to a character in the game that is not controlled by a player.

It is now often used as a slang term to describe the somewhat ‘risky’ or ‘robotic’ behavior of people online.

The camera zooms in on the woman, whose knees are slightly bent and her arms are out, looking completely still.

The eerie video shows the woman completely frozen, before she snaps back to reality and continues walking

For a few seconds, he stays like this until he switches and stands completely straight and then walks down the street.

Although the incident seems a bit strange, the captions above the video indicate that it is more unusual than it first appears, as it is claimed that the woman stood still for a minute before the cameraperson started filming.

Reacting to the video, people expressed their surprise at what they were seeing.

One wrote: ‘Sometimes I think we’ve slipped into a different dimension.’

Another onlooker, who was clearly horrified by what they saw, said: ‘It’s not even funny, I’ll freak myself out, he’s literally back to reality.

‘I can’t imagine it’s a joke, there’s no one around.’

One particularly nihilistic viewer had this to say: ‘We see stuff like this and it proves that nothing is real or that nothing matters…and we still pay our bills.’

However, one person thought they had found an ‘error’ in the woman’s movement – and suggested the video had been edited by the person who posted it to make it look like the woman was frozen in time.

‘Good editing,’ they joked. ‘Seemed almost real.’


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