Murder victim Jasmine Kaur alerted police about ‘official’ ex-boyfriend who stalked her

Murder victim Jasmine Kaur alerted police about 'official' ex-boyfriend who stalked her

A woman who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend and buried alive has given a statement to police just five weeks before his death about how her ‘excessive’ killer repeatedly chased her around her workplace.

21-year-old Jasmine Kaur was abducted in March 2021 from the South Australian aged care facility she worked at in North Plumpton, Adelaide.

He was later tied and buried while he was conscious and died from ‘active inhalation and swallowing of soil’.

In a statement signed on January 28, 2021, Ms Kaur said she had been in a controlling relationship with 23-year-old Tariqjot Singh for about nine months.

21-year-old Jasmine Kaur kidnapped and buried alive in 2021

‘He was overly possessive and wanted to control who I spent time with,’ she said in documents released by the Supreme Court.

Ms Kaur told police she ended the relationship on January 4, 2021, but Singh ‘didn’t take it well’.

‘He said I had to stay with him, or he would try to kill himself,’ she said.

During their relationship she said Singh sometimes got ‘upset’ when she planned to go out with friends and called him to ask him to go home.

The day after the pair split, Ms Kaur said she was working the afternoon shift as a carer at a Southern Cross care home in North Plympton when she saw Singh through a window.

He went out during his break and she begged him not to end the relationship.

Singh threatened to kill himself again so he called a friend to check on him.

He said, ‘After finishing the shift at 9 pm, I went out and saw Tariqjat in his car under some kind of drug.’

Ms Kaur had warned police about her ‘possessive’ ex-boyfriend Tariqjot Singh five weeks before her death.

Ms Kaur’s body was found in a shallow grave in the Flinders Ranges

He said Singh’s friend took him to hospital and was given a ‘suicide letter’ in which Singh blamed his family for the collapse of their relationship.

The next day, January 6, 2021, Singh and a member of his family arrived at the house he shared with his aunt to convince him to come with them.

Ms Kaur outlined how Singh played TikTok videos to her couple’s family in a hotel room in an attempt to ‘diminish’ his reputation.

The next day, Singh returned to his workplace and waited by his car to finish his shift.

Ms Kaur said she ignored him and walked away, but he ‘followed me in his car all the way home’.

‘When I got home he kept going but I didn’t feel safe or comfortable with what he was doing,’ she told police.

She said Singh continued to call and plead with her to resume their relationship and threatened to distribute more videos of the former couple if she did not comply.

On the day she gave her statement, Ms Kaur said her ‘extremely distressed and upset’ mother, who lived in India, called her because Singh had sent her videos of the former couple.

Ms Kaur’s body was bound, blindfolded and buried in the Flinders Ranges

On February 9, 2021, police warned Singh about the chase.

A month later, on the evening of March 5, 2021, Singh again appeared at her workplace and kidnapped her.

The day before Ms Kaur was killed, Singh downloaded a map of Adelaide’s security camera locations.

Singh also swapped cars with his flat mate and used that car to drive to Ms Kaur’s workplace where he abducted her.

In the lead, Singh bought wire ties and a shovel from Bunnings.

Security footage on the evening of March 5 shows Singh heading north, carrying Ms Kaur out of sight, allegedly either in the back seat or being held by the boot.

Ms Kaur was then brutally murdered and buried in the Flinders Ranges that night.

Her body was later found with her hands tied behind her back with wire ties, her legs bound with tape and wire, and her eyes blindfolded.

Singh left his phone’s SIM card in another handset, swapping it after returning home from the Flinders Ranges on March 6, 2021 at around 6 pm.

He was at home that evening when the police came to inquire about Ms Kaur’s whereabouts.

The court heard that Singh was supposed to be working the overnight shift at a pub in the southern suburbs on the night Ms Kaur was abducted, but her housekeeper worked the shift instead.

He later admitted to an aunt, then told police Ms Kaur had taken his life and buried him in the Flinders Ranges north of Hawker.

He took the police to the spot on March 7, who found Ms Kaur buried under 30 centimeters of sand. His hands were tied, his eyes were blindfolded and his throat was cut – but those wounds were found to be superficial.

When questioned by the police after the incident, Singh initially denied knowing anything about her whereabouts before changing his story and saying that she had taken her own life and then buried him.

Justice Kimber in July formally handed down a mandatory life sentence for Singh for Ms Kaur’s murder, with a non-parole period set for next month.


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