Formula E race halted after HORROR six-car crash at 150mph… but drivers escape unscathed

Formula E race halted after HORROR six-car crash at 150mph... but drivers escape unscathed

A HORROR six-car crash at 150mph brought the Formula E race to a halt as the lead car lost control and caused carnage for those behind… but the drivers escaped the dramatic incident unscathed.

Formula E’s Rome Grand Prix came to a halt on Saturday after a horrific crash, with Sam Bird losing control and coming to rest in a blind corner, the crash affecting six cars, but thankfully no one was seriously injured.

A Formula E Grand Prix was postponed on Saturday after a worrying six-car crash in Rome.

In an incident already described as the worst in series history, lead driver Sam Bird lost control of his Jaguar at 150mph and spun out on a packed straight.

He stopped and faced the cars behind him, as they tried to avoid a serious collision.

They come out of a blind corner and find Bird’s car in the middle of the track.

The first car clipped the Jaguar while avoiding it and ended up crashing into the barrier, while the next three cars managed to avoid the stationary car but hit the wall instead.

Formula E’s Rome Grand Prix was called off on Saturday after a horrific six-car crash

Sam Bird’s car was stuck in a blind corner in the middle of a track, making it difficult for other drivers to get out of the way.

Six cars were involved in the 150 mph crash, but luckily no one was injured

The scary moment came when the fifth car came up and tried to pass. It is not clear whether the driver saw the stationary car too late or did not have time to change direction, but he crashed straight into Bird’s Jaguar.

This left the track littered with debris and the stewards made the obvious decision to stop the race.

Somewhat miraculously, no driver was injured during the incident, although Byrd has been taken for further medical examination.

After the red flag, seven of the 21 cars that started the race were unable to continue, while the 22nd was already knocked out after crashing during qualifying.

One fan labeled the incident ‘the worst Formula E crash ever’, while another said it was ‘absolutely terrifying’.

The race resumed after a 45-minute delay as the track was cleared of debris.

The track was littered with debris after the crash and the race could not be restarted for 45 minutes

Bird (pictured) sent for further medical after Jaguars team policy calls James Barkley a ‘nightmare scene’

Jaguars team policy James Barkley said of Bird: ‘It’s standard procedure to get him medically checked. Fortunately, he is okay and the other drivers seem to be okay, but it was a very bad accident.

‘It really was a nightmare scenario, the fastest part of the circuit, a blind corner, but most importantly the car stayed strong and did its job.’

A statement from Jaguar added: ‘Following a multi-car collision midway through Round 13, Sam has been assessed and examined by the medical team and is thankfully fine.

‘The team will now focus on repairing its Jaguar I-Type 6 ahead of tomorrow’s race.’


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