A very blunt response to King Charles’s demand that he take his own toilet seat on trips

A very blunt response to King Charles's demand that he take his own toilet seat on trips

A very blunt response to King Charles’ claim that he takes his own toilet seat on trips (and Camilla isn’t impressed either)

King Charles reportedly took his own toilet seat on a trip He gave a very blunt response to claims on Australian radio Click here for all the latest royal news, pictures and videos

It would seem that being able to make perfect requests while traveling for a comfortable stay is a king’s specialty.

But even the most demanding visitors may not have thought to bring the comforts of home that are believed to be on King Charles’ list of travel essentials.

Investigative journalist Tom Bower previously claimed that King Charles does not travel light, with one of his luggage fillers apparently being his own toilet seat.

His biography of Prince Charles, The Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, suggests that Charles once sent a truck full of furniture to replace the guest room furniture before visiting a friend in the North East.

Investigative journalist Tom Bower claims that Charles took his own toilet seat on the trip to the North East

The collection of items included his own orthopedic bed, linen, Laphroaig whiskey, bottled water and rolls of Kleenex Premium Comfort lavatory paper, as well as his own toilet seat.

To make himself feel more at home, Charles is even said to have packed two landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

The royal was asked to travel with an entourage of staff including a butler, two valets, chef, private secretary, typist and bodyguard, one of whom was seen carrying her cushion as she disembarked to ensure maximum comfort.

Even his security personnel were called in to help with the complicated arrangement, with his personal policeman bringing a flask filled with a pre-made martini that they would hand to the host’s butler, along with Charles’ personal glass.

The requirements didn’t stop at drinks, however, and, unlike the late Queen who ate like the rest of her company, an aide brought a bag of food to Charles at mealtimes, it has been claimed.

King responded to the claim during an Australian radio interview in 2019 by saying ‘don’t believe all that c**p’.

His then communications director, Julian Payne, posted a comment on Twitter from Australia alongside a photo of Charles and Camilla congratulating well-wishers that the couple had ‘0 private loo seats’.

But during an Australian radio interview in 2018 when asked about claims he travels with his own toilet seat, Charles shocked the audience with his bold response.

‘What is my own? Oh don’t believe all that,’ he replied.

Hit105’s radio crew took the opportunity to cross-check Charles’ answer with his wife Camilla, asking: ‘So he doesn’t carry his own toilet seat when he travels?’

‘Don’t you believe it!’ Queen Consort Dr.

Traveling with Camilla to Australia for the opening of the Commonwealth Games, Julian Payne, Charles’ then communications director, made sure Twitter knew the truth about the royal’s travel habits.

Next to a photo of Charles and Camilla by well-wishers in Brisbane, Payne wrote: ‘Prince and Duchess tour of Australia and Vanuatu begins: 30 engagements, 7 days, 1 Commonwealth Games, 0 private loo seats.’

Tom Bower told the Daily Mail: ‘I’m delighted to hear that Prince Charles has nothing to fear from Australian toilet seats.’


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