WAGs and families of Queensland stars blast NSW Blues’ State of Origin snub at Acre Stadium

WAGs and families of Queensland stars blast NSW Blues' State of Origin snub at Acre Stadium

WAGs and families of Queensland stars hit out at State of Origin snub that saw them police ‘petty’ sitting insults in game three

Maroons win Origin series lost Game III Families in Sydney Queensland not happy

Families of Queensland State of Origin stars and WAGs have complained about the seats they were allocated for Game Three after event organizers kept them to New South Wales supporters.

Partners, friends and families of the series-winning Maroons were clearly not impressed that they didn’t get their own section to watch the Blues maul Queensland 24-10 at Accor Stadium.

Triple M in Sydney reported that the Cane Toads were ‘deeply unhappy’ that the organizers had put them behind the New South Wales bench.

Maroons’ Ruben Cotter holds his daughter as he celebrates with supporters in the stands after match three in Sydney

Maroons coach Billy Slater hugs his wife Nicole Slater after game two of the State of Origin series. He was reportedly less than happy after three matches

Valentine Holmes, son Billy and wife Natalia celebrate their Origin series win after three matches at Acre Stadium

Normally friends and family can sit behind their supporting team, but that was not the case at Acre Stadium, the radio station reported.

‘Queensland team [families] Bang smack in the middle of all the New South Wales families behind New South Wales,’ said Triple M’s Ben Dobbin.

‘And Cam Munster’s family, I don’t know what it is, they’re put on the other side with a few others, so they’re not all together which never happened.

‘I know it’s trivial but they’re all very upset because Queensland always do their captain’s runs at 4pm and they got a shock yesterday, they got an email. [from NSW] Not saying, no, no, we’re leaving at 4pm and you have to leave at 1pm.

‘They are not happy. They are seriously not happy.

‘I look up to Nicole Slater [wife of Maroons coach Billy Slater] Right now and he’s sitting right behind the New South Wales bench surrounded by New South Wales fans and obviously family members.

‘I can try and see how upset he is about it. Queensland is clearly upset about it.’

Queensland Maroons star Ben Hunt pictured with his wife Bridget and family after the final state clash

Cameron Munster’s partner Bianca McMahon and her supporters were reportedly seated in a completely separate section from the rest of the Maroon WAGs and family.

Maroons supporters and families claimed to have been surrounded by New South Wales fans during the third game at Acre Stadium.

Triple M commentator Dan Guinan suggested the move was a return to service after the Blues’ friends and family sat in the cheapest seats at Suncorp Stadium for two games.

‘It’s really petty. Aren’t the blues off because they were put in a box on Suncorp’s 10-meter line? [for game two]?’ Jinnan asked.

‘Some of the board members were left out because they couldn’t see the game from the halfway line in their blazers, so they were upset.

‘Dabbo, it’s clearly a return of service.’

One fan adopted the Burmese Army’s Ashes sledge, posting: ‘That old Queensland, always whinging.’

‘You won by spelling wrong. who [sic’ holding the shield,’ replied another.

‘Pay for your seats like everyone else,’ another fumed.

Queensland wrapped up the series in two matches to win the State of Origin Shield for the 24th time. 


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