The mystery of alien-like remains found off Queensland’s Capricornia coast

The mystery of alien-like remains found off Queensland's Capricornia coast

Mystery of alien-like remains found on Queensland beach sparks wild speculation: “Humans that look human!

The gruesome discovery of skeletal remains washed up on a popular beach has shocked locals and set the internet in meltdown.

Bobby-Lee Oates spotted the alien-like remains while walking on a beach at Keppel Sands on Queensland’s Capricornia coast last week and turned to a marine biology Facebook group to solve the mystery.

‘We came across this, wondering if anyone has any idea what it is or if I could possibly find out exactly what it is,’ he captioned the photo of the gruesome discovery.

The photos fueled wild debate over whether the remains belonged to an animal, human or even a mermaid.

A gruesome discovery on a Queensland beach has sparked mystery and wild speculation

‘The long part of the tail or leg looks like it’s got an extra joint space where another bone like the foot would attach. The skull is rounded, the ribs consistently human-shaped. Wow,’ one person commented.

Another added: ‘Contact the local police, people who look like people.’

Others suggested it was a sea creature or perhaps a kangaroo.

Others were mystified.

‘That skull and crossbones is really throwing me off,’ one woman wrote.

Another added: ‘Horrible, but now I’m curious.’

Beachgoers came across skeletal remains at Keppel Sands

James Cook University Environmental Science Emeritus Professor Helen Marsh believed it was a decaying marine mammal, possibly a seal.

‘The most likely marine mammals of that size would be dugongs, dolphins and very occasionally seals,’ he told the Courier Mail.

‘The shape of the presumed head and the strength of the ribs suggest a seal, as does the long bone at the back.’

Others were less convinced.

‘It doesn’t look like a sea creature. It has a leg. It’s also very hairy,’ one woman noted.

Others saw the funny side and believed it was the mermaid.

‘It’s Ariel,’ joked one viewer.

One expert believed it was a marine mammal, possibly a seal


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