Mother Amanda Snell died while on holiday in Queensland

Mother Amanda Snell died while on holiday in Queensland

A beloved Aussie mother’s life was taken while on holiday with her daughter after contracting a rare disease

Single mother Amanda Snell died on June 30 of complications from a blood infection

A mother-of-two has died after contracting a blood infection while on holiday in Queensland.

Amanda Sarah Ivy Snell, 40, passed away on June 30 while traveling with her daughter after spending a month in the hospital.

A GoFundMe for her two young children and family raised $4,500 in less than two weeks.

‘Amanda and her daughter went to Queensland to stay with her brother for an extended holiday to rest and recuperate after falling ill and spending almost a month in hospital,’ a family friend wrote under the fundraiser.

‘He fell ill again and was admitted to hospital where he became seriously ill from a super bug in his blood. His body was not strong enough to fight it.’

The friend said Mrs Snell’s brother had chosen to turn off her life support ‘to stop her fighting and suffering’.

Single mother Amanda Sarah Ivy Snell (above) died on June 30 after spending a month in hospital

‘As a single mother to her beautiful children and a young woman of just 40, Amanda did not plan for her unexpected and untimely death,’ she wrote.

‘I created this GoFundMe in hopes that we can raise money to get Amanda home and give her the memorial and send off she deserves.

‘When the money is left it will go to his children where needed.’

Dozens of Ms Snell’s friends and family have paid heartfelt tributes online.

‘I am lucky to have a kind, loving, amazing, strong, funny and caring friend like you. [Ms Snell] In my life for the last 20 plus years,’ wrote one.

‘I’m devastated you’re not here anymore. I will miss you so much my beautiful girl. You were the strongest woman I knew in my life! I will miss you forever’

Another said: ‘Thank you for being in my life. You always had the right words to say.

‘May you rest forever now, in peace, free from pain and filled with love from us here.’

Another wrote: ‘Amanda was a beautiful soul, taken too soon.’

Mrs Snell (above) was holidaying with her daughter in Queensland when her health suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Symptoms of blood infection

Symptoms of blood infection or sepsis may include:

Fever Chills Uncontrollable shivering Fast breathing and heart rate Nausea and vomiting Decreased blood pressure Skin

Source: Health Direct


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