Bexley Sydney driver confronted by no parking sign outside children’s holiday care centre

Bexley Sydney driver confronted by no parking sign outside children's holiday care centre

Children’s holiday care center blasted by driver for making parking rules with homemade signs on busy city streets

Nurse confronted by hand-made ‘no parking’ sign told by two men she can’t park outside hall Council says sign ‘not enforceable’

A female driver has blasted a childcare center after enforcing her own parking restrictions on a busy suburban street.

The woman discovered a hand-made notice branding her ‘stupid’ while parking her car on Abercorn Street in Bexley, south of Sydney, on Tuesday.

The sign read: ‘NO PARKING PLEASE!!! Children put down and pick up.’

The woman was confronted by the sign after pulling her car into the street to park on Tuesday

The hand-drawn sign written on a mini whiteboard was allegedly made by organizers of a holiday event run by Bexley Gospel Hall during the school holidays.

The woman, Effie, who works as a nurse in the area, was told she could not use the space outside the hall to park her car.

‘I was a community registered nurse in a clearly marked work car and I had a uniform,’ she told Yahoo News Australia.

He said he was approached by two men who told him he could not park his car in the space.

‘I told them I was going to a client and it wouldn’t take long for me to provide a service, and they still carried on,’ he said.

Sydney driver and community registered nurse label sign ‘idiotic’ after putting it up outside Bexley gospel hall

It is not known if the men were connected to the holiday care centre.

Despite their objections, Effie told the two men that he was allowed to park his car at the scene, claiming that parking on the street was difficult to find on most days.

When he returned, he complained that the sign was still there.

The woman took the matter to Bayside Council who said they had become aware of the sign.

The woman posted on social media after Bayside Council warned her the sign was not approved

A spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the sign was illegal.

They said the ‘temporary parking sign was not installed or approved by the council and is not legal or enforceable’.

A representative from the Bexley Hall Gospel Holiday Program, which runs the care center, said the sign had been taken down.

It is not clear who removed it.

The spokesperson said they were ‘not enforcing anything’, instead it was a request to locals not to use the parking area outside the community church.

They explained that the sign was put up to protect children coming and going from the facility.


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