Perth fire chef who banned vegetarians sues activist Tash Peterson after attack at his restaurant

Perth chef accuses activist Tash Peterson of using her veganism to promote her fans-only

A celebrity chef has launched legal action to ban militant vegan activist Tash Peterson from his restaurant after she staged a series of protests – but vowed to continue.

John Mountain, who runs Fire Restaurant in Perth, shared a legal letter sent to the controversial animal rights campaigner giving him notice that he would be ‘doing himself a favour’ if he entered the grounds surrounding the venue.

The fire has been the target of recent chaotic protests led by Ms Peterson after the Mountain announced a ban on non-meat eaters last month after it clashed with a disgruntled diner.

Vegan activist Tash Peterson (second from right) protests at John Mountain’s (second from left) Twice Fire restaurant in Connolly, north of Perth.

Mountain has shared a legal letter (pictured) sent to the controversial animal rights campaigner notifying him that he would be ‘committing an offence’ if he trespassed on land surrounding the venue.

An image of the legal letter, which was copied to the Western Australian Police Force, was shared on Fire’s Instagram on Thursday evening.

‘Hahahahaha and so it begins. Let’s kick her (Ms Peterson) out of WA forever,’ the caption read.

‘God bless you Bhagwan Booty (Ms Peterson’s online persona) and those who journey among you. Nice to meet you.’

But just hours later Ms Peterson revealed she would continue the protest – despite being served with a liquor barring notice banning her from all licensed premises in WA for a year.

In a video posted on Instagram, he said, ‘I will continue to go to restaurants and places with liquor licenses if they make a profit and abuse, torture and kill animals.

But Ms Peterson (pictured) revealed late on Thursday that she would continue to protest – despite being served with a liquor barring notice banning her from all licensed venues in WA for a year.

‘No one can stop me from bringing to light the greatest genocide in human history where trillions of people are brutally murdered for human pleasure.’

Ms Peterson then threw the obstruction notice papers into the fire pit before cryptically adding: ‘And guess what, Australia, I’m getting the f*** out of here.’

He claims it is the fourth time he has received a barring notice from every licensed liquor venue in Western Australia as a result of his activism.

Police charged Ms Peterson with disorderly conduct, trespassing and refusing to leave licensed premises as a result of the protest.

Ms Peterson said Mr Mountains’ claim that he was using his activism to promote only his fans was ‘false’.

It comes after Mountain accused Ms Peterson of using her animal rights advocacy to promote her Only Fans account on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday.

Mountain claimed he earns ‘$40,000 a month’ on the lucrative side but Ms Peterson hit back at the chef, calling his claims ‘false’.

‘Where’s your proof?’ He said, ‘How much I earn’ from sex work is none of your business.

‘I wish I earned that much,’ she said.

Mr Mountain said Ms Peterson visited his restaurant twice in two weeks to protest.

He told radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, ‘a week before he trashed my restaurant.

‘My staff are all shocked, the customers are shocked. I was quite calm because I’m used to working in the kitchen.’

Chef John Mountain (right) clashes with animal rights activists who attack his restaurant

Mr Mountain said the first show was ‘a bit heated’ but the second time he ‘lost my temper’.

‘I just wanted to stop protesting,’ he said.

Mr Mountain’s battle with vegans began last month when Fire issued a statement on its Facebook page announcing that vegans would no longer be welcome for ‘mental health reasons’.

Mr Mountain said the ban on vegetarians came after a complaint from a vegetarian customer who asked the venue to accommodate his dietary requirements.

Although the chef agreed to comply with the customer’s demand, the request slipped his mind when he had to cater for a private event.

Tash Peterson (pictured with boyfriend) accuses meat eaters of being involved in ‘biggest killing spree in history’

He said the woman had sent a lengthy complaint to the business’s Facebook page, adding that she had taken it ‘personally’ despite it being confirmed.

‘I said, “Tell all your vegan friends to give me a one-star review,” and she did just that,’ she said.

‘The Google site crashed because it was getting 400 reviews per hour.’

‘My business rating went from reasonable to 2.8 and I was in tears,’ he said, ‘trying to make a living with a small business’.

He told Sandilands and Henderson that the ordeal had ‘traumatised’ him and that he had poured half a million dollars into the restaurant.

‘I managed to scrape together enough money to open my own business, then some vegan told me I wasn’t good enough,’ he said.

Ms Peterson said she had been an animal rights activist for six years and set up an OnlyFans account two years ago to allow her to ‘be a full-time voice for animal rights’.

He said he lost his job as a swimming instructor and lifeguard because of the felony conviction.

‘I’m not trying to close the business,’ he said.

‘I’m in this business trying to get people to choose vegan options.’


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