Milkybar will release a delicious new Milo chocolate in supermarkets this month

Milkybar will release a delicious new Milo chocolate in supermarkets this month

One of Australia’s most iconic treats is about to be transformed into a chocolate bar: ‘I need this in my life’

Milkybar apparently exudes a mild flavor

Foodies are sharing their delight at the rumor that the two iconic snacks have combined to create a delicious chocolate bar.

Beloved MilkieBar is apparently dropping a delightful new Milo flavor in supermarkets this month.

The milky bar’s smooth and creamy white chocolate features classic Aussie drink powder pieces.

A popular food blogger claims that Milo Milkibar will soon be available in stores for $5.50 for a 160 gram block and $2.20 for a snack-sized bar, according to The Grocery Geek.

Nostalgic Aussies were thrilled by the launch and eager to get their hands on the exciting new snack.

Foodies are in awe of rumors that Milkibar is releasing a delicious new Milo range set to hit supermarkets later this month.

‘It’s very hot. The highly anticipated Milkibar Milo roll-out has begun,’ The Grocery Geek wrote in a Facebook post.

‘What else do you need in your life?… We say nothing. Stay tuned, expect to start seeing it in stores soon.’

‘Yes that sounds amazing,’ said one woman.

‘Sign me up,’ wrote another while a third said they would be ‘keeping an eye out’ for the chocolate on supermarket shelves.

‘My two favorite things in one block,’ exclaimed another, adding: ‘I think I need this’.

Milo Milkibars were released for a limited time in South Africa at Christmas last year where locals dubbed them a ‘favourite’ and ‘best snack ever’.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Nestlé for comment.


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