‘Hisline Maxwell robbed transgender cellmate for forced sex’ behind bars

'Hisline Maxwell robbed transgender cellmate for forced sex' behind bars

‘Prison Karen’ Ghislaine Maxwell knocked out a transgender cellmate for a steamy sex session in the bunk above her, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

Tensions flared when Maxwell, 61, was housed in the same four-bed ‘cube’ as a heavily tattooed inmate nicknamed Batman – who began transitioning from female to male while locked up for firearms offences.

The disgraced socialite first took exception to hanging his new ‘bunky’ boxers and socks to dry on the metal bed, according to sources inside FCI Tallahassee, where Maxwell is serving 20 years for grooming Jeffrey Epstein’s victims.

Their feud became more bitter when Batman began sneaking his girlfriend into the 5-foot-by-8-foot living space of a Florida lockup after a low-security 9 p.m. headcount.

Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured in her first televised jailhouse interview in January) has been ruffling feathers behind bars, with her latest battle against a bunkmate who began sneaking a prison lover into their cell, DailyMail.com has learned.

Insiders told DailyMail.com that Maxwell talked a transgender cellmate known as ‘Batman’ – a career criminal convicted of firearms offenses – into having loud sex sessions late at night.

According to sources at the low-security facility, the British socialite, 61, has rubbed fellow inmates and even prison staff the wrong way since her arrival, due to her ‘entitled attitude’.

‘The cubes don’t have doors like regular cells so Batman’s daughter will just crawl up to the top bunk,’ an insider told DailyMail.com.

‘Max could hear every voice and moan as he tried to sleep a few feet below. The beds are not pushed down and they can rock from side to side and make a lot of noise.

‘Max and Batman weren’t getting along because of the underwear thing so that was the final straw. Prisoners aren’t allowed to have sex so she goes and reports Batman to the unit’s case manager.’

Within days of Maxwell’s complaint, Batman – a career criminal convicted of being a prohibited person for possessing a firearm – was transferred to a different cube.

Epstein’s madam didn’t fare too well with her replacement, though, as the newcomer quickly told jogger Maxwell about failing to shower and stinking up their cramped quarters with his sweaty sneakers.

‘Maxwell will come straight from the running track, unwashed. It’s something you often see with sex offenders, they’re worried about getting attacked in the shower,’ our source added.

‘Eventually they had a huge argument – this time over a clothes hanger – and it got so heated that the new Bunky threatened to hit Max with a lock.

‘Of course, Max complained, and this girl was also removed. Max looks like he’ll finally get a cube to himself if he stirs up trouble.’

DailyMail.com revealed last month that Maxwell earned her ‘Jail Karen’ nickname because she filed more than 400 petty complaints while in prison.

Maxwell has filed more than 400 complaints about harsh prison conditions since he began his 20-year sentence at FCI Tallahassee last July.

Maxwell is locked in FCI Tallahassee, which could be his home until July 2037

Early reports revealed how the disgraced British social worker struggled to cope with her new life behind bars, refusing to eat and complaining bitterly to prison authorities that her clothes did not fit.

The sex trafficker screamed about ‘unfair treatment’, slated the poor vegetarian menu options and demanded that prison authorities give him immediate access to use black hair dye.

He even received plush hypoallergenic bedding after complaining to staff that standard-issue prison pillows were triggering his allergies.

Maxwell’s lament dates back to July 2020 when he was locked up at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York while awaiting federal trial for juvenile grooming.

His lawyers accused prison authorities of violating his rights by shining a torch in his cell every 15 minutes, subjecting him to invasive searches and filming him every hour.

The daughter of disgraced UK newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell was sentenced to two decades in prison in June last year and was due to serve her time at FCI Danbury, the Connecticut prison that inspired Orange is the New Black.

Maxwell seemed to catch a break when a month later he was instead sent 1,000 miles south to sun-drenched FCI Tallahassee, which looks like a high school or college campus.

But the prickly inmate continues to file complaints, taking advantage of his job at the prison law library to file BP-9 ‘administrative remedy’ forms at a rate of more than two a week.

Oxford-educated Maxwell has been at the center of countless controversies and managed to use the prison’s video visitation system while locked up and even give a headline-grabbing TV interview.

In January he told UK broadcaster Jeremy Kyle, without presenting any evidence, that the now-infamous photo of Prince Andrew with Epstein victim Virginia Guiffre was a fake.

After being surrounded by luxury and wealth for most of her life, the disgraced British socialite is having trouble adjusting to her gruesome life behind bars.

Maxwell was indicted on December 29, 2021 on five of six counts of aiding and abetting the late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to sexually assault underage girls.

DailyMail.com revealed how the chat earned Maxwell 48 hours in the Special Housing Unit – a ‘prison within a prison’ with small, terrifying cells where inmates are caged for 23 hours at a time and fed through door slits.

In March it was the turn of two Cuban prisoners who were both thrown into solitary confinement for 47 days after Maxwell reported them to authorities for attempted extortion.

The two bullies found out that their strict vegetarian neighbor had an ‘arrangement’ with a kitchen worker who would slip her extra fruit, vegetables and tofu and thought they could use the information against her.

They wrote a threatening letter to Maxwell demanding $360 worth of items from his commissary allowance but the British returned them straight to the prison authorities – violating the strict injunction against extortion.

Maxwell was living in fear of beatings when the pair broke out, but one of the Cubans was moved to a halfway house in Laredo, Texas, and the other was moved to a different housing unit.

Maxwell – federal inmate 02879-509 – will be nearly 80 years old when he is released unless he can appeal his conviction for helping ex-boyfriend Epstein, who hanged himself in prison in 2019 rather than face trial.

Federal prosecutors argued in a new court this week that Maxwell should be found guilty of grooming girls as young as 14 and denied claims that he was being used as a proxy for public outrage over Epstein’s crimes.

Exclusive jail records reveal Maxwell’s moans:

According to internal records obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com, Epstein has twice requested a compassionate release from prison for Madame Ghislaine Maxwell.

The mysterious requests – filed on January 9 and February 23 – are among scores of ‘administrative remedy’ filings filed by the disgraced socialite during her years behind bars at FCI Tallahassee, Florida.

Maxwell, 61, has alleged misconduct or harassment by prison staff on at least a dozen occasions – an entry listed as ‘Sexual abuse/abuse by staff’ in Federal Bureau of Prisons documents dated October 31, 2022.

The British-born criminal has complained numerous times about ‘inappropriate or inadequate’ dental treatment and treatment for eye problems and rashes.

A December 2022 entry notes that Maxwell said she was unable to see an ob-gyn and needed an ultrasound exam.

Further complaints allege discrimination under the 14th Amendment and the Freedom of Religion Act Maxwell complained of lack of hot water, prison food and tampering with his mail.

In all, Maxwell’s fingerprints span nine pages of records obtained by DailyMail.com under the Freedom of Information Act.

Sources tell us they’re likely just the tip of the iceberg because anything deemed personal or particularly serious will be exempt from disclosure.

Maxwell, inmate 02879-509, works six hours a day in the prison library to pass the time and likes to jog around the prison’s 400m running track.

Not only does Maxwell file numerous complaints for himself, he also uses his work at the prison’s law library to advise other inmates on how to do the same, our insider added.

His dubious end goal is to cause such a stink that he is transferred to a different facility, specifically the FCI Danbury, Connecticut lockup that inspired Orange is the New Black.

‘Tallahassee is big, it’s old, it’s ghetto. Max has a lot of enemies and wants out,’ our source explained.

‘Danbury is small and mainly for white-collar criminals and he thinks he can get there by making as much trouble as possible.’


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