Dream Expert reveals what it means if you see car visions (and why you shouldn’t ignore them!).

Dream Expert reveals what it means if you see car visions (and why you shouldn't ignore them!).

A dream expert reveals what it means if you see visions of cars in your sleep.

Theresa Cheung, who is based in the UK, appeared this morning to help viewers make sense of some of their recurring dreams.

During the segment, the car theme cropped up for callers – which Theresa said gave invaluable insight into their state of mind.

According to the expert, the car represents the life path you are on – and the color or obstacle it comes across can easily translate to the problems you are facing.

In the beginning, Linda from Essex told Theresa how she dreamed of green cars and buses.

According to dream expert Theresa Cheung, the car in the dream represents your path in life – and the color or obstacles it encounters can easily translate to the problems you are facing.

He explained: ‘Getting back on me [dream journal] Over the past few days, I’ve realized that I’ve been dreaming of green vehicles all the time.

‘For example, I bought a green car, I sold a green car, I traveled on a green bus, I crashed my friend’s green car, I crashed in a green car.

‘And last night, I was kidnapped by a man on a green bus.’

Insisting it’s no mere coincidence, Theresa says: ‘Dreams don’t lie.

‘They are a symbolic voiceover of aspects of your life and self that you need to integrate and develop.’

With this in mind, Theresa says Linda’s dream car represents her ‘direction in life’ and ‘the path she’s on’.

He continued: ‘All vehicles are green and symbolize abundance and new beginnings.

‘So your dreaming mind is pushing it to your psyche, saying “pay attention to the green”. Because we attract into our lives what we want, not what we want.’

What’s more, Jill from Nottinghamshire also called into the show for some insight into her driving dreams.

For the past six months, the visitor says he’s been finding himself behind the wheel of a car and up against obstacles — which vary from roadblocks to one-way systems.

He said: ‘I can never get to where I want to go because there are all these steep hills that cars can’t climb.’

Following on from Linda’s recurring dream, Theresa explains: ‘A lot of people dream of being in a car or vehicle because that’s the direction in life you’re going.

‘This dream is asking you to take the road less traveled than the high road that everyone expects of you.’

What’s more, Carey from Hampshire sought Theresa’s help because she kept having dreams where she found herself separated from her car.

Kerry – who recently split – explained: ‘I’ve had so many dreams of finding my car in the car park and I’ve never found it. It stresses me out a lot and I wake up feeling anxious.

Photo: Theresa Cheung, who is based in the UK, helped viewers visualize their recurring dreams this morning

‘The car is on a cruise ship and I’m standing on the dock and I keep going to the ship to find my car and I can’t.’

In response, Theresa said: ‘This is your dream mind doing what it does best – helping you grow and develop from the life shocks that come with divorce.

‘A ship is safe in a dock, a car is safe in a carpark. But that’s not where they’re meant to be.

‘Your dream mind is saying, “Let go of the idea that attachment to someone else defines you.” It is no longer. You are free, free to find out what you are – free from what you do and the people in your life. […]

‘The reason you panic isn’t because you can’t find the car or the ship, it’s because they’re stuck. You have to drive that car, you have to sail that sea.’

What’s more, experts urge people to start paying close attention to recurring themes in their dreams.

Theresa added: ‘Your dreams are like a Netflix series and you have to tune in every night for your next thrilling installment.’


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