Creepy rental house in Melbourne’s Marybyrnong has black mold, exposed asbestos

Creepy rental house in Melbourne's Marybyrnong has black mold, exposed asbestos

A rundown home can go down as one of Australia’s worst rentals, with flooded carpet floors and exposed asbestos walls among a long list of defects.

Dilapidated rental property The house on Gordon Street in Marybyrnong, north-west Melbourne is riddled with eyebrow-raising flaws.

Tenants have wooden floorboards to avoid getting their feet wet from the soaked carpet and must sleep in bedrooms covered in black mold.

Their situation worsened when they received a notice that the landlord was raising their rent and asked them to break the lease.

They have now been informed that they will be evicted from the house by July 22 as the landlord will be renovating the house for over three months.

TikTok creator, Jordan van den Berg (pictured), highlighted potentially one of Australia’s worst rental properties in Marybyrnong, north-west Melbourne.

Tenants have wooden floorboards to keep their feet from soaking wet carpets and must sleep in bedrooms covered in black mold.

Jordan van den Bergh, who gained fame across Australia for his videos about ‘dodgy’ rental properties, toured the house where he revealed the horrifying extent of the property’s defects.

He told his followers on TikTok that the problems were not fixed during the tenancy despite the tenants asking the property managers for repairs multiple times.

Throughout the video, Mr. van den Berg points out numerous problems with the house.

A damaged front step is the start of a long list of problems before it shows up with a shattered fly-screen out the front door.

Mr. van den Berg then takes a step inside and reveals that the wooden boards on the floor are completely soaked in water.

In prime wet conditions plants begin to sprout and make squelching noises as they step on the carpet to highlight their terrible condition.

He then inspects several rooms which reveal that mold is growing on the ceiling in some areas despite the tenant’s best efforts to clean it.

‘It’s quite literally falling apart,’ he says as he points to the camera at the paint peeling from the walls and water damage to the ceiling.

He also points to numerous examples of exposed asbestos under houses, behind stoves and in sheds outside.

‘(The tenants) were living in a property that could kill them,’ he said.

Another feature of the shed was a junction box, used to insulate live wiring between direct asbestos and wall openings.

Mr van den Bergh said the next shocking thing on the list was the bathroom which had a constant leak which meant the shower was always on.

The shower drain is completely disconnected from the pipe which means the waste water just flows under the house creating a small pond.

The home has numerous problems, including black mold regrowth (pictured), exposed asbestos, and dampness from leaking carpet in the hallway.

Despite repeatedly asking for repairs, the tenants claim that property managers are being evicted only after breaching their leases to allow renovations.

The tenants claim that they were given eviction notices to make way for renovations only after they breached the lease.

Tenants decide to breach the lease after receiving notice that their rent will increase, whereupon the property manager returns with an eviction notice.

The notice refers to section 91ZX of the Residential Tenancies Act which allows a residential tenant to vacate premises for repair, renovation or reconstruction.

The property manager, Prime Residential Property Management, estimated renovations would take more than three months to list and revise.

Mr van den Berg said the tenants were truly wonderful people and went out of their way for others in their community.

Social media users were shocked at the state the tenant was living in.

‘How are these poor tenants getting through the winter?’ Written by a user.

‘Their houses will surely freeze and their water/electricity bills will be high.’

‘Those poor, poor tenants… I hope they find somewhere dry, safe and warm very soon,’ wrote Sec.

‘And they raised the rent?’ A third wrote.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Prime Residential Property Management for comment.


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