A San Diego man accused his neighbors of being ‘cat perverts’

A San Diego man accused his neighbors of being 'cat perverts'

‘Cat perverted!’: Neighbors go to war over pet cat Mercury after owner makes bizarre rant about ‘sheltering’ their cat because it spends so much time in their yard

Cat owners angrily confronted their neighbors for ‘sheltering’ their pets

A furious man branded his neighbors ‘cat perverts’ and accused them of ‘sheltering’ his pet in their yard in a bizarre exchange caught on video.

Incredible footage shot in San Diego last month shows a dramatic argument between two couples over a cat named Mercury.

Mercury’s angry owners claim that neighbors have effectively kidnapped their cat by feeding it to bring it back and stay in their home.

The argument escalates to such an extent that at one point Mercury’s male owner refers to his neighbors as ‘cat perverts’ in a surreal scene.

He also threatened to call the police – although it is believed the police quickly refused to intervene.

Mercury’s angry owners claim neighbors effectively kidnapped their cat by feeding it and keeping it in their yard.

The entire confrontation was captured on video by the neighbor, who was shocked by the accusations leveled at him by the Mercury’s owners.

The clip begins with the man walking up to the neighboring cat owners as they yell accusations at him.

He replied: ‘I just want to be clear. Are you upset that I made friends with your cat?’

The angry man replied: ‘You are an unreasonable man and you are holding our cat. You have to go to your yard and say ‘Buddha, go home, and don’t come into our yard’.

He makes a shoving motion with his hands to show Mercury what the neighbors should do.

Unfortunately, this does little to calm the situation, with the neighbors bursting into laughter and pointing out that the cat ‘can’t speak English’.

This angers the cat’s owner even more and he leaves to call the police.

Moments later, the man returns, sarcastically asking his neighbors if they will feed his cat.

When they say they won’t, he grows angrier, culminating in a wild accusation of his neighbors being ‘cat perverts’ – much to his own partner’s chagrin.

Mercury’s male owner refers to his neighbor as a ‘cat pervert’ during an incredible confrontation

The owner also threatened to call the police – although it is believed the police quickly refused to intervene

The shocked neighbor bursts into laughter, telling the Mercury owner that ‘he’s lost it’.

His companion asks cat owners to stop making a scene ‘over cats’.

The clip cuts away as Mercury’s male owner leaves, only to return to tell his neighbors that he has called the police and that they are ‘sheltering’ the cat.

The footage ends with the man calling his neighbors ‘cat perverts’ again.

Speaking later, the neighbor said: ‘My neighbors have a very friendly outdoor cat who likes to hang out in my yard.

‘Cats are free to come and go as they please. For some reason, they don’t like it, and decide it’s my job to tell the cat where to go and where not to go.

‘Before I started recording, they said I was ‘manipulating’ the cat by ‘befriending’ it. After I stopped recording they called the police, but the police stopped them almost immediately.

‘The cat was back in my yard the next morning.’


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