Sky News Australia to launch new channel dedicated to covering Indigenous voices

Sky News Australia to launch new channel dedicated to covering Indigenous voices

Sky News Australia will launch a new channel dedicated to covering the Indigenous Voices to Parliament referendum

Sky News Australia to launch Voice to Parliament channel featuring updates, commentary and a documentary featuring most of the news station’s hosts criticizing Voice

Rupert Murdoch’s pay TV channel Sky News Australia is launching a brand new station dedicated to covering the Voice of Parliament.

Called Sky News The Voice Debate, the channel will feature the latest news updates, analysis, commentary and a special documentary by The Voice.

Press conferences, government and community announcements and town hall meetings are also scheduled throughout the day.

Sky News Australia CEO Paul Whittaker explained that the pop-up station would express many perspectives on the referendum.

‘As the nation is asked to decide on changes to the constitution – one of the most consequential tasks for Australians in decades – Sky News Australia is committed to ensuring voters are widely informed,’ he said.

Sky News Australia will launch a new station dedicated to covering Voice to Parliament

‘The new channel will provide a dedicated news service, providing Australians with up-to-date information and rolling coverage that shares every angle of the debate.’

A one-hour documentary on the referendum titled The Voice: Australia Decides will premiere on the channel.

It will be hosted by Sky News’ Northern Territory correspondent Matt Cunningham, who will speak to Aboriginal leaders, traditional owners, everyday First Nations people and politicians.

It includes interviews with both Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton.

Cunningham comments on how the Voice has become a ‘heated debate’ in Canberra and among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

‘Through the documentary, we discover that there is no shortage of emotions and opinions when it comes to The Voice, and at the same time, there is no shortage of misunderstandings surrounding this issue,’ he said.

‘Advocates argue that voice is crucial for Indigenous Australians to have a say in legislation that affects them, while opponents believe it could create a separate form of government and undermine the current political system.’

A documentary about the referendum titled The Voice: Australia Decides, hosted by Sky News Northern Territory correspondent Matt Cunningham (pictured), will premiere on the station.

Cunningham will speak to Aboriginal leaders, traditional owners and politicians. There will also be interviews with Anthony Albanese (pictured) and Peter Dutton

Many of Sky News Australia’s late-night commentators, such as Andrew Bolt, Rita Panahi and Peta Credlin, are vocal critics of Voice to Parliament.

Both Bolt and Credlin condemned Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney’s speech to the National Press Club last week in their respective programs.

Bolt said: ‘Linda Barney. Please, stop embarrassing yourself. Stop deceiving voters too about your racist voice.’

Credlin claimed an advisory body would ‘take away rights’ from non-Indigenous Australians.

Chris Kenny is the only News Corp entity host to express support for the advisory body.

The Voice channel can be seen by Sky News subscribers and regional viewers with free-to-air access to the station. It can also be streamed via the Sky News Australia website and News Corp mastheads.

Conservative political commentator Andrew Bolt (pictured) is among the late-night Sky News hosts who criticize The Voice

Sky News has previously dedicated an additional channel to the Covid pandemic, past elections and political affairs.

Their coronavirus channel provided updates on the pandemic and held press conferences from governments in Australia and around the world.

Election Channel covered the 2016 Australian federal election between Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten and the US presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The same channel broadcast updates and conferences exclusively on the United Kingdom’s European Union membership referendum in the same year.

Sky News The Voice debate will begin airing on July 25.


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