Outdated: Danielle Busby exclusively reveals family spends $1000 on groceries every week

Outdated: Danielle Busby exclusively reveals family spends $1000 on groceries every week

Out Daughters stars Adam and Danielle Busby revealed they spend up to $1,000 a week on groceries as they opened up to DailyMail.com about their busy lifestyles as parents to six young children – including America’s first all-female quintuplets.

The beloved TLC stars — who were already parents to their oldest daughter, Blakey, 12 — welcomed quintuplets in 2015 after Danielle, 39, became the first American woman to give birth to all-girl quints.

Since then, the world was able to watch the Texas couple build such a big family before the Busbys decided to pull the plug on their series in 2021.

Speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com about their daily lives eight years after welcoming their little girl, the married couple talked about dealing with critics online, how they work through financial pressures and why they decided to return to the show. opened about small screen

Big Brood: Adam and Danielle Busby bring their family back to the small screen as OutDaughtered returns to TLC after a two-year hiatus

Growing up fast: The couple welcomed quintuplets in 2015 after Danielle became the first American woman to give birth to all-girl quints

Reflecting on the decision to invite the cameras back into their home, Daniel admits they were nervous but the gang immediately ‘got back into the groove of things’.

He explained: ‘It felt weird not having a camera around to capture life when we were out and about because we were used to it. But I think we know what we’re doing now. We never really skipped a beat.’

In fact, viewers were devastated when the family revealed they had decided to stop filming their popular reality show after eight seasons.

But the children themselves became a major catalyst for the family’s decision to return to TLC.

Daniel recalls: ‘They were used to seeing our crew and soon they were just asking, “Where’s Uncle Brad? Where are the cameras? When are they coming back?”

‘I think it’s because they’re starting to realize that you have to film to see yourself on TV. So they started to realize, “Well, if we don’t film anything, what are we going to see?”… It was a unanimous decision to bring the camera back.’

Adam, 41, added: ‘What’s great this season is that every girl wears a mic now. They are now the main part of the show, holding up conversations and being more involved with things. It’s been a lot of fun.’

As viewers of the show will know, bringing up six children aged eight to 12 is no easy task, and Daniel admits the couple still often feel as ‘overwhelmed’ as they did when they first welcomed their quint.

Busy mum: Danielle revealed they spend up to $1000 a week on groceries as they face the challenges of bringing up their five young daughters

Happy bunch: Danielle admits the couple still ‘feel overwhelmed all the time’

‘I think we still feel overwhelmed all the time,’ he laughed. ‘We look around and it’s like, “Okay, that’s it. This is for real, we have six kids”. Life can still be overwhelming but I think at the moment we have to take what we have. You can only do so much and we are outnumbered. We are out of daughters!

And as most would imagine, the cost of raising such a large brood is not for the faint of heart.

‘We’re spending $800 to $1,000 a week just on everything from grocery shopping to sports and their lunches. I mean, it’s expensive.’

Adam then joked about their household chores, adding Danielle: ‘Laundry day at our house, it’s every day! It’s 10 minutes to the hour, every hour.’

Meanwhile, the pair are no strangers to the criticism they face online from other parents who don’t agree with their children being photographed at such a young age, but the couple take care to distance themselves from seeing hateful comments.

Adam explained: ‘You have to find out if someone is just resentful and hateful. If so, just block and delete. We want to separate ourselves from anyone who is trying to rob us of our joy in life.

‘But if it’s something that’s a legitimate complaint, I’ll step in and respond and defend myself. Say why we made that decision or whatever. Just explain our point of view with this. If they still just want to be hateful or accuse you of being untruthful, get out of there.’

The couple is adamant that they will not pressure their daughters to become young social media influencers.

When asked if they would allow pre-teen Blake to start creating content on his own solo account, Daniel made it clear he wasn’t interested in the idea but admitted: ‘We’ll get there when we get there. I’m not there yet, so I don’t know.

The gang’s all here: Adam and Danielle with their daughters Blake, Olivia, Parker, Ava, Hazel and Riley.

Pushing: Adam explained that the pair try to ignore criticism online from other parents who disagree with their children being photographed

Adam explained: ‘There’s definitely a lot that mum and dad have seen and we’ve learned. It’s going to take a long, slow process just to make sure she’s capable and capable and mature enough to deal with it, because it’s just not glamorous.

‘It’s work and you have to deal with the good and the bad. So it’s difficult for a teenager who’s not used to it.’

When the show last aired, viewers were concerned about a mysterious illness that saw Daniel hospitalized due to auto-immune problems.

Sharing an update on her health crisis, the mother of six admitted that doctors are still unable to ‘put an official title’ to her problems.

‘The autoimmune struggle is boring,’ says Daniel. ‘You never know when the ups and downs are coming. It’s hard for me, it’s hard for Adam to cope and adapt.’

She continued: ‘But I’ve been on a good journey working with my neurologist to help me with my nerve issues, damage issues. Migraines and muscle problems.

‘My body went into shock after receiving them. I had heart problems and just my inflammation flared up. But I’ve put the doctors in good hands and had a good ride, especially the last probably six to nine months.’

Love the camera: The couple revealed that it was their daughters who asked for the show to start filming again

Big personality: The proud parents say viewers will enjoy hearing more from their daughters, Riley pictured left, in the new series – Blake pictured right

Big smiles: The girls told DailyMail.com that they enjoy the fun activities they do with their parents while filming

He concluded: ‘Still a work in progress. Still get lots of blood work done every six weeks. We’ll get there one day, but I’m fine.’

Elsewhere, the new season highlights how the couple are making things work with Danielle working at their boutique, while Adam is at home running the castle with the girls.

He explained: ‘I got extremely involved anyway. That’s why I left my career in oil and gas just to work from home and do my own thing so we could start our own business and stuff.

‘When we came to open the boutique where she had to be her face and she had to be there more. We just kind of fall in line because, this is how we set things up. Yes. It’s a bit more difficult trying to figure things out at the moment.’

Adam continued: ‘We’re a bit more divide and conquer. It’s like our house motto now. It’s just like, “Okay, I either take them all or you get them, I get them and we’re going to win today.”‘

Conceived through intrauterine insemination (IUI), a procedure similar to IVF, the Busby girls were the first all-female quintuplets born in the United States and the first in the world since 1969.

Outdaughtered continues Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT on TLC

Despite all sharing the same womb, only two of the girls – Parker Kate and Hazel Grace – are identical twins, coming from the same egg that forms two embryos.

Danielle had a caesarean section at 28 weeks to give the babies the best chance of survival.

Weighing in at seven pounds six ounces, Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Paige instantly captivated the world as many continued to tune in to watch their story unfold through the family series.

OutDaughtered continues Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT on TLC.


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