Nigerian man found guilty of trying to rape Australian woman in Bali after meeting at Finns Beach bar

Nigerian man found guilty of trying to rape Australian woman in Bali after meeting at Finns Beach bar

Aussie tourist’s terrifying ordeal in Bali as partygoer tries to rape her by pretending to hire a motorcycle taxi back to her hotel

Australian woman convicted of attempted rape in Bali court will spend a year in a Balinese jail after returning home

A Nigerian man has been found guilty of attempting to rape an Australian woman after a night out at a popular beach nightclub in Bali.

Last July 6, Chief Judge Ida Bagus Bamadewa sentenced Joseph Zion, Idonjesit’s stepson, to one year in prison at the Denpasar District Court.

The court found that Jeon attempted to sexually assault an Australian woman, identified as KTR, on December 2, 2022, at her residence in Jalan Teuk Umar, Central Denpasar.

The court heard Zion lured her to his accommodation after falsely claiming to book a motorcycle taxi back to his hotel.

A Nigerian man in Bali has been convicted of attempting to rape an Australian woman after she tricked him into returning to her residence in a motorcycle taxi (stock image)

Balinese news outlet Coconuts reported that Zion and KTR met at Fins Beach Club along Berawa Beach west of Denpasar on Friday night.

Jeon, who was with his friend, began interacting with KTR, who was with his sister, before the Australian lost interest and tried to leave.

He then persistently tried to keep in touch with the Australian, offering to buy him a taxi to his hotel.

The court heard that although his initial offer was rejected by KTR, Jeon would order an online motorcycle taxi for him.

Believing that he was returning to his own hotel, KTR accepted the hint only to take him to Zion’s residence where he would attempt to rape him.

Thanks to the help of his sister and Jeon’s friend, KTR managed to escape and alerted the police.

Denpasar District Court heard the Aussie who was traveling with him rejected the man’s advances at the Finns Beach Club (pictured) before hitching a ride in a motorcycle taxi.

Judge Ida Bagus Bamadewa Patiputra said Zion caused ‘clear harm to the victim’ while violating the island’s values ​​of decency.

Ida Bagus Bamadewa Patiputra said, ‘The victim suffered loss and felt violated as a woman.

‘The defendant, Idonjesit Joseph Zion, is legally and credibly declared guilty of attempted rape. The accused has been sentenced to one year imprisonment.’

The court took mitigating factors into consideration when sentencing Zion, specifically, that both parties apologized to each other during the trial.

SmartTraveller, an Australian government website that provides alerts for international travelers, warns travelers to ‘use a high level of caution’.

The website notes that ‘lonely women’ are more at risk of being targeted, warning them to ‘be careful in taxis, crowds, bars and nightclubs’.


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