Motorcyclists use tricks to avoid paying tolls on Australian roads

Motorcyclists use tricks to avoid paying tolls on Australian roads

Daredevil motorcyclist caught evading toll on busy motorway

Motorcyclist tries to hide his number plate, man tries to avoid paying toll fee on e-tagged motorbike

A sneaky motorbike rider has been dubbed a ‘legend’ for covering number-plates with his foot to avoid paying tolls on a busy motorway.

The driver performed the trick on an Australian road to avoid being detected by cameras and charged a toll fee because his motorbike was not fitted with an e-tag.

The move was captured by a passing motorist, who uploaded the hilarious video to a local Facebook page earlier this week.

‘This guy’, the driver jokingly captioned the footage, which shows the rider exiting a bypass before entering a busy freeway.

It is not clear where the rider of the bike was riding at the time but he was seen exiting a bypass before entering a busy motorway.

Social media users were quick to react to Ryder’s clever ploy, with some dubbing the man a ‘legend’ to avoid detection.

Some suggested that the roads should be made free for motorcyclists because they do not create traffic and contribute to pollution like other vehicles.

‘It’s ridiculous that motorcycles and scooters have to pay the same amount for tolls as cars and 4WDs and vans. How is that fair?’ said one person.

‘They create literally zero traffic and do zero damage to the roads they ride on.’

Like other drivers, motorists pay a fee to use toll roads.

If riders do not pay the fee within three days, they may be issued a final toll notice that includes an administrative fee of $20.

Riders who fail to pay this fee can be issued a penalty notice of up to $190.

NSW in Australia has the most tolled roads with 13, followed by Queensland with six and Victoria with two.


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