Jonah Hill texts Sarah Brady: Jonah Hawking shares her experience with toxic lovers

Jonah Hill texts Sarah Brady: Jonah Hawking shares her experience with toxic lovers

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know by now that Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend has accused the Hollywood actor of having some seriously toxic ideas about how women should behave. Especially, someone blessed enough to date her. Vomiting.

Sarah Brady took to Instagram to shed light on a very specific type of destructive behavior in relationships by sharing a series of accusatory texts from her famous ex. By using therapy words like ‘boundaries’, Brady claimed that Hill made it clear that he would not accept the following:

• Surfing with men

• Unlimited inappropriate friendships with men

• Modeling

• Posting pictures in bathing suits

• Posting sexual images

• Friendships with women who are beyond getting lunch or coffee or something respectable from troubled places and (Brady’s) wild recent past.

Jonah Hill and his ex Sarah Brady, who accused the Hollywood actor of toxic behavior during their relationship

Oh how angry we women are at this dialogue. Because nothing triggers us like an antisocial rant from a man we strongly suspect is attached to a smaller penis.

The problem with these alleged texts is that we are not shocked. If you hear other women making claims against Hill, this behavior doesn’t seem like an isolated incident.

Indeed, countless women have similar stories. I know I do, and so do many of my friends.

A few years ago a guy I was just starting to get serious with called me in anger because I posted a picture of myself with friends at the beach that showed cleavage.

‘Take it down now! You are meeting my parents next week! What will happen if my sister sees that picture!’

The red flags were flying loud and proud that day. I politely told him to ‘f*** off’ and put the photo away. No Nona met that year.

Johna Hawking (centre) said the photo sparked an angry phone call from her boyfriend at the time, who demanded she be removed from social media.

Last year a man was absolutely devastated because I chose to stand up for myself during a heated debate. He sent me text after text telling me I was ‘naughty’ and ‘not the sweet girl he signed up for’.

And I still remember years ago when a boyfriend physically kicked me out of a pub after I said hello to an ex.

The real kick-in-the-pants though was last year when I was confronted with the angry comments of 464,000 misogynistic men. And no, it’s not just a number I pulled from somewhere. That’s literally the number of men who watched and actively supported a video dedicated to ripping me off by a popular anti-feminist US YouTuber named Joker.

Side note: Why are so many men afraid to use their real names when tearing down women on YouTube or social networks?

Joker spends hours sitting in his creepy basement, making videos for his nearly half a million subscribers to complain about anyone who dares to openly talk about sex and dating.

In between asking her followers for money or crypto donations, she commented that I was ‘about 40 years old’ which is apparently terrifying for men. According to him, I hit a wall and will die alone with the cats, trying to flirt by ‘teasing me’ at the same time. I had a visceral reaction to that. Not a good one.

A US YouTuber called Joker used the image and captioned his mockery of his lifestyle: ‘A self-described dating guru, who is on Australian radio and TV, a perfect example of 100% dating women wrong’.

Joker, pictured, talks to his 436,000 subscribers about Jana in his basement, which has sparked a flood of abusive messages about him.

Why hate? Because I dare to talk openly about my dating life. Apparently, women make sandwiches and clean the house. Damn, I didn’t get the memo.

Now, a man going crazy is a touchy subject… but the 464,000 followers who upvoted this video speaks volumes. In fact, 3,100 of them gave pretty strong opinions about my choice of dates and a career at the same time. Many of them have hounded me on social media to tell me.

With comments calling me a ‘whore’ and a ‘garden tool you can’t turn into a housewife’, it shows that Jonah is not alone. There are men around the world who think women should serve rather than be treated as equals.

If you dig deep enough into the dark corners of YouTube and social media, you’ll find that it really is a scary world. It’s full of men who were dumped once and never got over it. Or spent their teenage years learning from Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson.

It is always easy for such men to think of women as property rather than equals who can potentially reject them and hurt their fragile egos.

Do we want to sleep with you? Oh, the problem obviously has to be with us, not your bad breath, unhealthy habits and refusal to pronounce the vowels correctly. Sigh.

Surprisingly, the men who have the most to say about vocal women aren’t brave enough to show their real names or faces, writes Johna Hawking

For the record, I’ll say it’s not all men. In fact I know many brilliant people who not only show care and respect, but laugh at these miserable little men.

But surprisingly, the men whose voices have the most to say about women are not brave enough to show their real names or faces. Yet they will not hesitate to incite hatred against any woman in the public eye. Just look at some of the comments under your favorite female celebrity Instagram photos. It’s a jungle!

If I wasn’t so angry at the powerful misbehavior of it all, I’d feel sorry for them. But that’s for a therapist with a lot of experience to unpack. And for that I wish them the very best.

So Sarah Brady said on her Instagram ‘If your partner talks to you like this, plan an exit’… because it’s not your baggage to claim.


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