Is the person inside or outside the room in this optical illusion?

Is the person inside or outside the room in this optical illusion?

An optical illusion featuring a man at a writing desk has sparked a fierce debate as people try to work out whether he is sitting inside or outside his home.

The image, created by Swedish photographer Erik Johansson (, was shared on Reddit’s Optical Illusions forum by a user who asked: ‘Is the guy at home or not?’

The picture shows a man sitting on a chair at a table in deep concentration with his dog.

At first glance it may seem that they are sitting indoors.

However, the structure of the roof and walls resemble the exterior of the house, leading many to speculate as to what is actually behind the distorted image.

Since being shared on Reddit, the post has received 275 upvotes and 33 comments.

One commenter tried to set the record straight, saying: ‘People are seriously answering questions? Bruh, no answer. This is an optical illusion, impossible to do in real life.

‘The roof makes it clear that it is the exterior of the house, but the floor makes it clear that it is the interior. Hence the logical paradox.’

Another wrote: ‘Well the guy is on the floor attached to the wall. The house has no ceiling. Technically, he’s still out.’

‘The thing that makes it hard for me is that we can see the shingles on the roof. There’s no grain on the inside of any house,’ agreed another, coming down to the outside.

Is this person in the house or outside? What can you determine by looking at the details?

The post sparked a fierce debate, with Reddit users unable to agree on whether the man was inside or outside the property

A fellow commenter insisted the man was outside on the patio, but others weren’t so sure.

‘He’s in,’ said one. ‘I have not seen the carpet go under the house and the light hanging outside the house is given away by the dead.’

In a while, another new optical illusion claims to be able to determine whether you’re logical or intuitive based on what you first see in this picture.

The heartwarming photo was shared by the US-based PsychologyLove100 TikTok account.

It shows an image that contains several elements – which one do you see first when you look at it?

According to social media accounts, what you interpret first in the overall picture determines whether you are an intuitive or logical type of person and what your thought process is.

Take a look at the image to see what you notice first…

This mind-blowing image shared by the US-based PsychologyLove100 TikTok account claims it can determine whether you’re a logical or an intuitive person.

‘If you saw three bears first, you have an analytical mind, are good at analyzing data and statistics and possess a logical approach,’ the video claims.

‘You don’t act on impulse. You prefer a step-by-step approach to things,’ it adds.

The videos explain that people who think logically tend to use conventions and rules to organize their thought processes.

This also manifests itself in debates and arguments, where a rational person will have a more detail-oriented thought process than others.

The video also explains that people who think analytically don’t see a problem as a whole, but instead break it down into separate concepts when tackling it to solve it.

This makes them particularly good at solving problems with a keen eye for detail.

However, those who see mountains before bears are ‘intuitive thinkers’, the video claims.

This means they follow their instincts, which are usually right, when faced with problems.

These people are confident in trusting their intuition, even when other people have contrary advice.

Although they are usually right to follow their gut, this intuitive way of going about things means that they can sometimes miss information and rely on their past experiences to make their decisions.

However, this trait does not mean that intuitive people are indecisive, as they tend to be good at making decisions for themselves.

They tend to be smart and well placed to assess the situation as a whole and can think outside the box when solving problems.

Meanwhile, another optical illusion that claims to test your eyesight in just 20 seconds has baffled people on the web.

The clever brain teaser – which was shared by Fresher’s Live – says that only people with ‘sharp eyes’ can spot the hidden numbers within seconds.

The mind-bending puzzle features 14 rows of 444 numbers In one row, the number 474 is hidden

You need to pay extreme attention to detail and use your observation skills to identify the number in less than 20 seconds.

This optical illusion that tests your eyesight in just 20 seconds has baffled people on the web

The website notes that the solution can only be seen ‘by a few people’.

The website also discusses the benefits of trying to solve everyday optical illusions.

It describes this type of puzzle as ‘deeply captivating, mind-bending imagery that challenges your perception and tests your observation.

‘If you want to have better concentration and visual skills than others, you should engage yourself in brain-stimulating activities like optical illusions, puzzles and more.

‘Those who deliberately engage themselves in such activities will have a psychological advantage over others.’

If you still can’t find the hidden number, you need to look more closely.

Here’s a hint, look at row 11.

Look at the second set of numbers, and see if you find anything.

Look at the second set of numbers in row 11, where you can find the solution

There, you can find the hidden number 474.

So, were you able to identify it?

The website notes that solving puzzles will help strengthen your brain.

‘Optical illusions emphasize the importance of small details in our daily routines. Now you know what optical illusion is and how it helps us develop observation and visual skills,’ reads the website.


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