Insurance brokers reveal why drivers should reverse park to avoid car accidents

Insurance brokers reveal why drivers should reverse park to avoid car accidents

I’m an insurance broker and this is why you should always drive to public parking spots

Insurance Insider Reveals Helpful Tip Reverse Parking Reduces Liability for Fender Benders

An insurance broker has revealed that drivers should always reverse park if they can because they are less likely to be at fault in an accident with another car.

Dan Woofer, from Queensland, said in a recent video on TikTok that reversing in a car park is ‘best practice’ as those who reverse are considered liable for accidents regardless of the circumstances.

‘If you do the opposite, you’re always 100 per cent at fault,’ Mr Uffer explains.

There are few things as annoying as a carpark fender bender but an insurance broker has revealed how drivers can avoid being considered at fault.

‘So in a shopping center carpark situation if a car overturns and a car drives off and they collide in the middle of the road, the opposite driver is always at fault.’

He added that in situations where both cars overturned it would usually be ‘each bare own claim’ meaning each driver pays for their respective damages as they are both deemed to be at fault.

‘So you should always park in reverse to reduce your risk of making a mistake.’

Viewers thanked Mr. Uffer for the tip, saying it’s a simple tip but not commonly known.

‘That’s great, now I just have to master the opposite park,’ said one visitor.

‘Yes there is much better visibility driving forward from a spot than backing out,’ added another.

the poll

Should everyone park in reverse?

Yes it will reduce traffic accidents 6 votes No it holds up traffic 3 votes

Other visitors said they had already reversed parking for other reasons.

‘If your car has a problem you can access the engine and another car can connect the jumper wires,’ said one.

‘My dad taught me to do this when you need to get somewhere fast,’ said another.

Major Australian insurer Vero backed Mr Ufer’s tip, saying the rules of the road were clear.

‘In all states, the rules of the road state that a driver must not drive in reverse unless it is safe to do so.’

‘The law also states that drivers must not overturn vehicles more than is reasonably necessary.’

‘In an insurance liability setting, a driver who is driving in the opposite direction is automatically considered the at-fault driver, regardless of other circumstances such as an illegally parked car and the other driver speeding.’

Insurance companies will almost always consider the opposite driver at fault regardless of other circumstances, says Dan Uffer

The insurer recommends a few points to check before reverse parking.

‘Make sure windows are clear and mirrors are positioned correctly… and check the surrounding area for movement such as children or animals.’

‘Consider buying a car with reversing sensors or cameras, although these should not replace physically checking the driver.’

‘Smaller cars are generally easier to maneuver in tight or busy areas.’


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