I received messages on my husband’s phone calling me ‘ugly’ early in our relationship

I received messages on my husband's phone calling me 'ugly' early in our relationship

A wife is ‘devastated’ after finding old messages on her husband’s phone from when they first met, in which he told a friend she thought he was ugly.

Jane Lewis, 40, of New Jersey checked her husband’s phone last month with his permission.

But while he received many messages from the beginning of their relationship, he was heartbroken when he gushed to his friend about ‘an ugly chick who wants me so bad’.

The 35-year-old told her friend that she wanted to ‘do something’ for him but he still hadn’t ‘found her’.

Jane Lewis, 40, of New Jersey checked her husband’s phone with his permission last month and found old text messages.

He went on to describe how he had to ‘make out with her a bit’ to keep Jane happy.

The sprinkler technician sent the shocking messages six years ago but the couple were due to marry in 2021, however, Jane only discovered the messages last month.

Jane’s husband described how he met ‘this ugly chick’ at the grocery store where she worked at the time, saying she would ‘literally do anything’ for him.

He told his friend that he had moved in with Jane but said he didn’t find her as attractive as ‘all the hot girls he sees all the time’.

Jack then says that he believes he can get any girl but most ‘hot chicks are stuck anyway’.

Jane said she immediately confronted her husband, who was disappointed and excused himself as trying to feel better at the time.

The mother-of-three said her confidence was shattered and if she had found the messages earlier, she would have left him.

Jack, whose real name has been withheld, described how he met ‘this ugly chick’ at the supermarket where Jane worked at the time and said he would ‘literally do anything’ for her.

Jane says her confidence has been shattered and when her husband calls her ‘beautiful’, she no longer believes it

Jane said: ‘I looked at his messages to see who he was talking to. He and his friend don’t text often so I just had to scroll back ten messages.

‘I approached one when we first got together saying he was using me for my money, how ugly I was and he wouldn’t have sex with me.

‘It was pretty bad. It was very shocking. I was devastated.

‘He was sad, he was quite upset and he apologised. He said, he feels bad [at the time] And he wanted to feel better.

‘I don’t know how I’m going to move on from this. I was hurt by it. If he asks me a question, I say: “‘I’m not stupid, I’m just ugly”.

‘He calls me beautiful but I don’t believe him. It knocked my confidence.

‘I have ugly duckling syndrome. I always think I look really bad.

‘Initially I would have let him go if I got the message. I have to try to get over it, it’s seven years later and we’re married.

‘If anyone else had found the messages, I would have told them to leave because I wouldn’t be with him knowing what I know now. I wouldn’t have stuck around so much.’

Other messages sent by Jack described Jane as a ‘nice chick’ but he claimed he had ‘lots of other kids’ that were better looking than her.

The couple met while Jane was working at a grocery store where Jack was a regular customer.

She says they moved in almost immediately and she thought the relationship was going well when Jack sent the messages.

Other messages sent by Jack described Jane as a ‘nice chick’ but he claimed he had ‘lots of other kids’ that were better looking than her.

Jane described him as ‘kind, complimentary and flattering’ at the start of the relationship.

Jane said: ‘I thought we had a lovely relationship. I don’t understand any of this. He was very nice to me and thankful for everything I did.

‘He was quite kind all around. I had to do a double take when I got the messages.

‘It felt like our relationship was built on a lie. He didn’t treat me like that. It was out of character.

‘He wasn’t the same person he was when we were together, he was sweet and flattering. He’s clearly a different person to me than his friends and it’s random.

‘Marriage means a lot to him and he said he was never going to get married unless it was someone really special but I don’t believe what he tells me now.

‘He’s telling me one thing and other people another.’

Jack did not want to comment.


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