Gallery shows people paid for bizarre tattoos

Gallery shows people paid for bizarre tattoos

What ink were they? These bizarre tattoos prove that some people should never go near the needle

For some people, a tattoo is a reminder to celebrate a big event or a happy occasion in their life – or even a way to express themselves.

Ink can take many shapes and forms, from an ode to a loved one, all ways to show love to a favorite celebrity.

However some tattoos are downright bizarre, and offer no explanation for the inspiration behind them.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of pictures from around the world that show some of the weirdest tattoos you’ve ever seen

From wacky to adorable, these tattoo collectors take pride in their fine art — even if they make others cringe.

Bored Panda has collected some weird and wacky tattoos from around the world in a photo gallery. It seems this woman’s only regret is paying too much for her ice cream, as she has her angry cry carved into her back.

Mysterious girl! This Twitter user from Michigan displayed an interesting piece of art on their arm, a piece that is half stunning portrait and half South Park character.

Who’s going to tell them? This man has a pineapple carved on his arm but identifies it as a lemon

Fickle! This Spanish-speaking Twitter user posted this adorable tattoo of a duck in cowboy boots

A very wordy tattoo appears to lament the price of ice cream because it’s ‘literally just milk and some fruit’.

Meanwhile, another has unveiled the most adorable picture of a duck wearing cowboy boots.

These pictures are sure to make you laugh out loud at some people’s very unusual ink choices

Turn that frown upside down! At least this very sad tattoo can be easily hidden once you close your fist

Art! Believed to be in Philadelphia, this weird and wacky tattoo is incredibly artistic – although the message is a bit obscure.

Cat you have… This weird tattoo looks like a furry cat but its face is not drawn in the right place.

Just weird! Amongst a sea of ​​other tattoos, it turns out that this social media user is most proud of a cat wearing a suit and tie.

Stranger things! In Minneapolis, one person decided their lower back was the perfect place for Garfield to peek

This uncomfortable ink seems to carry a message that education can change a person, as a woman’s dress becomes significantly more conservative when she reads a book.


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