Colorado hairdresser denies ‘Poolside Karen’ rant about ‘Mexican’ fraudulent-editing

Colorado hairdresser denies 'Poolside Karen' rant about 'Mexican' fraudulent-editing

A Colorado hairdresser who shared a viral video of a woman launching a racist rant against a Mexican family claims it was ‘fraudulently edited’.

Jada Gallardo said she pulled out her phone to record the shocking ordeal while relaxing poolside at the luxury Alta Green Mountain apartment complex over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Footage of the hairdresser went viral after it showed Blair Featherman, 49, verbally abusing a nearby Latino family and calling them ‘f****** low-class slime’.

But while Gallardo doubled down and said Featherman was ‘acting insanely crazy’, the so-called ‘Poolside Karen’ accused the hairdresser of editing the video for TikTok clout.

Hairdresser Jada Gallardo (pictured) doubled down and said ‘poolside Karen’ was ‘acting like a battle freak’ during her racist rant.

In a TikTok video posted by Gallardo, Featherman is seen making vile racist epithets at a group of people sitting around a pool at an apartment complex.

Featherman was heard calling the group ‘trash’, berating them for hosting a ‘f****** Mexican party’ and mocking them for ‘not knowing what Hermes is’.

Speaking to the New York Post, Gallardo alleged that the feud had heated up over the designer brand’s claims, with the hairdresser saying she fired back: ‘I’m wearing Hermes sandals!’

‘Just because [of] Our skin tone we don’t know what expensive designers call?’ He recalls this, adding that Featherman’s rant drove ‘a lot of people crazy’.

He said Featherman initially became angry after complaining that Gallardo and her boyfriend did not live at the Alta Green Mountain apartment complex, where units rent for up to $6,500 a month.

‘(Featherman) asked if we had a key fob,’ she said. After responding that he lived there, he claims Featherman said: ‘I want to check your key fob because I work here and a lot of people come in here who don’t belong here.’

Gallardo also alleged that during the altercation, Featherman even got into a brief physical fight. ‘There was a big clump of brown hair (on the ground after the fight)’, he added.

Blair Featherman, 49, went on a racist rampage at her luxury apartment complex in Colorado, calling a group of Latinos ‘trash’.

Gallardo said the racially-tinged controversy over inviting outsiders spilled over into the swimming pool of a luxury apartment complex.

The ordeal took place at the Alta Green Mountain apartment complex, where condos cost up to $6,500 a month to rent.

The version of events was supported by Melanie Rangel-Olmedo, another witness in the poolside diatribe, who said Featherman caused the families severe pain.

‘A father took his two daughters home because he didn’t want them to hear what he was saying,’ she said.

Rangel-Olmedo added that members of Featherman’s group ‘apologized’ after being embarrassed by the racist rant.

Although the police were eventually called to the pool, Rangel-Olmedo claims authorities only arrived ‘hours’ after Featherman’s abuse.

After footage of the tirade spread through social media and was viewed millions of times, Featherman claimed he was in fact a victim.

Speaking to, Featherman said he was goaded into making his inappropriate comments by Gallardo, who he believes was doing it for internet fame.

‘I’ve been trying to keep quiet and not comment on this, but there are things the video doesn’t show,’ said industry consultant Featherman, 49.

‘I’m not racist. It was fraudulently edited and pieced together to tell a narrative that is not true.’

Instagram model Gallardo has been accused of editing videos for TikTok clout, but has denied the claims as she slammed Featherman as ‘belligerent’.

Featherman told that he was prompted to make his comments by a wannabe model desperate for TikTok feedback.

Featherman, who claims to be an expert in feng shui, the Chinese art of arranging furniture, said he was attacked by the group, causing him to burst into rages.

The debate over the number of guests at the Gallardo pool got out of hand and Featherman admitted he made a mistake taking the bait, saying it only happened when he reached the end of his tether.

He claimed that members of the group were calling him ‘white b**** and white this and white that’, which came after he had ‘already had a bad day’.

As he reached for the phone, he claimed he was physically assaulted, with a woman clawing at his hair so violently that his artificial nails broke.

The alleged attack was not included in the video that Gallardo, 32, posted on TikTok, and Featherman said the video was cut so it followed a few minutes later from a different angle.

The video shows Featherman hurling racial slurs at a group of Latinos partying at a swimming pool in Colorado — where he lives at a ritzy apartment complex.

Featherman said she was the woman who was attacked by a group of women, but claimed the posted video was carefully avoided.

Recalling the aftermath of the alleged fight, Featherman said he was in disbelief over the frantic scene.

‘I couldn’t believe what had happened, my heart was racing, and I was full of adrenaline,’ she recalls. ‘I couldn’t think straight.’

Angry and disoriented, he still had possession of the woman’s claws, and decided to open his hands so the group could see.

‘I’ve heard people assume they’re pills I’m holding, but it’s actually her nails I’m showing her,’ she said.

The video ends with the police being called to the complex, but no arrests have been made.


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